Additional Surrogacy Money in Oregon Available for Those Who Can Be a Surrogate

Surrogacy money in Oregon has increased for those who are willing to be a surrogate and help families grow. Call (503) 427-1880 or go to to learn more or begin the process of assisting a family today.

Surrogacy money in Oregon continues to climb for women who are both generous enough and qualified to be a surrogate. The requirements are fairly straightforward and all relate to the safety of the baby and carrier. They include things such as being of good health, both mentally and physically, having experienced at least one healthy pregnancy and delivery, and being willing to help people grow their families, often when all other avenues have failed. Although women often meet this criteria, global demand is rising and the number of women stepping forward to help has not increased enough to assist all the families that need help. As such, surrogacy money being paid to the too few carriers is rising as well, resulting in large stipends for those who choose to be a surrogate.

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The demand is going up largely due to inconsistent laws in the United States, with some states providing laws that protect gestational surrogates and intended parents, others largely ignoring the contracts, and still others outlawing the process in some form or another. Oregon is different in that the courts have routinely protected the rights of people involved in the surrogacy process, making it one of the few friendly areas of the country. This has caused people to cross the borders into the Beaver State, with the hopes of starting and growing their families.

At the same time, international interest has grown as well. Countries such as Mexico, India, and Thailand have enacted laws that ban the process or make it more difficult. On the other hand, people are also coming to the United States from countries like China, simply for the quality medical care and to avoid the stigma that’s associated with the process in their home countries. According to NPR Radio, wealthy Chinese also prefer to come to America because they hope to find an egg donor at the same time; ideally a woman who is taller and possesses lighter hair and eye color.

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Women who chose to be a surrogate are not related to the baby these days, unlike the traditional process in which the gestational carrier also shares her eggs with the family. Instead, those who do not have viable eggs of their own work with two different people; one woman who donates her eggs and another who is generous enough to be a surrogate.

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Oregon Surrogate Agency helps match up women who want to be gestational carriers with people who need assistance starting or growing their families. The agency ensures that pairs are matched based on values, expectations, and interests, and then introduces the parties so they have the opportunity to make a final decision. Going forward, OSA also makes sure that the team’s interests are protected throughout the process and that important steps are taken when they need to be. For more information or to begin the process, visit or call (503) 427-1880 today.

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