Addiction and Faith Conference | Drug & Alcohol Detox Rehab Centre in Bristol

Western Counselling, organizer of the new Recovery Redeemed, announced their Conference event will be held in St Pauls Church Weston Super Mare on 3rd October 2015.

An invigorating conference will be delivered by Western Counselling at St Paul’s Church, Weston-Super-Mare, exploring the links between faith and addiction recovery.

The event empowers addicts and alcoholics in recovery to discover self-help strategies. This is achieved through discovering and accessing tools and resources available within themselves and the community around them.

Here the focus is on recovery, faith and the close relationship they have in aiding long term recovery from substance misuse and addiction. The workshop is designed to stretch imagination, understanding, and break the myths that perpetuate community and society views.

Open to all looking for the latest support and information on drug and alcohol addiction and recovery. Anyone can register to attend Recovery Redeemed – scheduled for 3rd October 2015.

Western Counselling is sponsoring this year’s event, which will cover key issues such as:

Links between Faith and Addiction Recovery

Using Self Help as a Tool for Recovery

Community and Society Views and Resources

Full details on the event can be found on the company website at:

Here’s what the organizers are saying about the upcoming event:

This conference is available to those who have experienced drug and/or alcohol addiction, and/or family members with loved ones that are suffering. The centre runs these types of workshops and conferences because they work so well. Large pockets of society have misconceptions about addiction. Those suffering from addictions are often unaware of the vast support networks available to them. These networks can be found in almost every town and city around the country. Realizing they are not alone, the drug addict or alcohol will often find new inner and outer resources to help themselves begin a clean and sober life.

The Western Counselling website has full details about the sessions at this year’s event. Interested parties can visit the website at:

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