AdBridger Austin Anthony Social Media Doorway Bridge Pages Software Launched

Adbridger, a new 1-click ad compliant bridge page builder software developed by Austin Anthony to help advertisers avoid account termination and easily create high-converting bridge or legal pages that can also help run successful campaigns, has been launched.

A new software entitled AdBridger, allowing advertisers to easily create high-converting ad compliant bridge and legal pages necessary to avoid account termination and enhance sales or conversion rates, has been launched.

More information is available at

The 1 click ad compliant bridge page builder software was developed by Austin Anthony to help users with any level of technical ‘know-how’ easily create the type of ad compliant pages that can fuel successful campaigns and keep the ad accounts on Facebook, Instagram or any other advertising location safe from termination.

The Adbridger provides an in-built state of the art ‘drag-n-drop’ editor/builder and multiple proven high converting page templates that allows its users to create not only 100% ad compliant bridge/doorway pages but also all the highly important terms of services or refund and privacy policy pages in minutes.

The one-click builder was also developed to ensure users have full control over every video, background image, link, button and anything else in the pages along with access to an integrated ‘Smartcode Technology’ to auto detect videos instead of having to use complicated API’s.

More information on the Adbridger and its multiple features along with video demos detailing how to navigate the software’s dashboard and details on multiple bonus offers currently available with the software can be consulted on the website link provided above or through

The developer, Austin Anthony, explains that “Adbridger is the first product of its kind that combined one click dynamic technology and ad compliant bridge pages. Every person that runs any type of paid ads via Facebook or any other advertising location has a common fear – account termination. It’s impossible to get any results with an account being banned due to the landing pages”.

He adds that “we knew that hundreds and even thousands of everyday people were getting their accounts shut down because of little ‘oversights’. We’ve specifically developed Adbridger to ensure your account is safer when you are advertising and finally start seeing those sky high conversions. In one sentence, AdBridger is about to change the way the industry advertises online. Bridge pages are the way to go. Smart, ad compliant, high converting bridge pages are even better”.

Release ID: 116647