Acupuncture Melbourne Florida Pain Relief Expert challenges new report

A & S Acupuncture has defied convention in the Acupuncture market with 30+ years of results and elated customers. Further information can be found at

Dr. Chen at A & S Acupuncture Center in Melbourne, FL spoke out against the recent report calling acupuncture “pseudoscience.” Reflecting on his acupuncture beginnings 30 years ago, Dr. Chen rigorously stands for the effectiveness and integrity of acupuncture as pain relief. The main aim was always to eliminate pain without the need for pharmaceuticals, and by defying convention, he used this ancient form of pain relief to improve the lives of many throughout his career.

“I have traditionally trained western doctors of all kinds come to me to get treatment. Unbeknownst to the patients to whom they prescribe pharmaceuticals, the doctors and all of their closest family and friends come to me to fix their pain problems,” says Dr. Chen. “We wanted to truly deliver with our acupuncture service. Anyone familiar with the acupuncture market will probably have noticed how most practitioners make large claims with little to no results. We felt this was a problem because patients aren’t getting the treatment they deserve because of their own doubts and apprehension.”

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, A & S Acupuncture Center instead uses 30+ years of experience in helping patients rid acute pain, while encouraging prevention over the long term. Aside from the normal acupuncture practices, Dr. Chen also offers non-needle treatments including massage, cupping and acupressure. A & S Acupuncture Center uses the central philosophy of Oriental Medicine to promote health and well-being before one gets sick. Whereas most western medicine is prescribed once the problem arises, Dr. Chen emphasizes that acupuncture can be used regularly to strengthen the body and improve blood flow. He goes on to say,”There are two types of people that don’t use acupuncture. Those that don’t believe in acupuncture itself. And those that believe, but are afraid of needles. All I have to say is, you’ll never truly know until you try it. In addition, we provide non-needle treatments as well.”

“We want to give our customers pain relief they’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere. With our services, people can expect a time-tested and results-oriented focus on resolving their pain. We want them to feel elated. Trying something new is always a risk. In this case, the risk is much smaller than the pain you may be experiencing.”

A & S Acupuncture has been in business for 30+ years, being established in 1986. Since day one, it has aimed to help patients resolve their most immediate pain and encourage long-term health.

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