Active Bed Temperature Management Restful Sleep Improvement System Launched

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Chilisleep has launched a new cooling sleep system. The cooling system aims to help customers get better, more restorative sleep, making it suitable for anybody that struggles to sleep at night.

A new cooling sleep system has been launched by Chilisleep. The cooling system is available in a variety of options such as the Chili Sleep System and the Chili Blanket and aims to help customers sleep better and prevent getting too hot in bed. The cooling sleep system is suitable for anybody that is looking for a product to help with sleep and improve quality of life.

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Customers will find that Chilisleep is a company that specializes in cooling systems to help promote better sleep, as well as cooling blankets for comfort. The company has spent over 155,000 hours researching and testing cooling systems and aims to help customers enhance their quality of life through better quality sleep.

There are a range of cooling sleep systems available, including the ChiliPAD Sleep System and the Ooler Sleep System, in addition to the Chili Blanket.

The ChiliPAD Sleep System is the pioneer sleep system of Chilisleep. The sleep system is comprised of a hyrdo-powered mattress pad and features thermal regulating control units.

In addition to this, the ChiliPAD sleep system also comes with a remote control. The ChiliPAD sleep system features hydropower to help regulate temperature that can be set between 13 and 46 degrees celsius. Utilizing temperature control can help encourage quality, restorative sleep.

The ChiliPAD sleep system is available in two different options, “Me” and “We.” The “Me” option is designed to cover half the bed and includes 1 control unit, ​available in either half king or half super king.

The “We” option is designed to cover the whole bed and features 2 control units, available in king size and super king size. In addition to the hydropower system, the ChiliPAD sleep system features a 390ml water reservoir tank in addition to auto shut-off and an auto-dim display.

In addition to the ChiliPAD Sleep System, customers will also find the OOLER Sleep System. This system is the company’s most advanced system and features a hydronic pad, control units and the OOLER app for sleep schedules.

This system provides high efficiency cooling and heating, a low profile size that fits under most beds, a large reservoir with a low water indicator, variable ambient noise control, blue light blocking lens with auto-dim display and the system automatically cleans with UV light.

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