Activated Salt For Emotional Healing – Purifying Mind And Soul Cleanser Launched

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Vanda Teixeira of Vanda Inc. announced the launch of a new addition to her therapy and healing collection, "Tools for Your Soul." The new product is activated salt for healing and emotional empowerment.

The spiritual entrepreneur launched Vanda Soult — a therapeutic activated salt. It is for people who want to release stress, negativity and transcend the chaos of the world.

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The latest launch targets fear and emotional baggage layered over the years. It aims to bring relief and rid customers of emotional turmoil.

Relationship issues, deprivation, loneliness, and other negativities can cause an increase in stress levels. People who accumulate high-stress levels are at risk of illnesses like heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.

Vanda presents a solution in the form of pure, untouched, and unprocessed salt from the heart of the world. Vanda Soult is nothing like scented bathing salts or regular sea salts, which only move negative energy around the body.

According to Vanda, it is a divine tool that cleanses the body, soul, and spirit. This cleanse activates the user, restores their true self, and reconnects them to their divine energy.

Vanda Soult goes through an ancient sacred process, which activates and enables it to draw out negative energy, stress, anxiety, and other imbalances from a user’s energy field.

The benefits of Vanda Soult are not only emotional and spiritual. It also increases mental alertness, awareness, and consciousness, which sharpens users’ intuitive abilities.

Vanda Teixeira, founder of “Tools for Your Soul,” is a world-renowned spiritual activist. She has run Vanda Inc. for over a decade. Video resources about her work and products are available at

In addition to therapeutic activated salt, Vanda also offers chakra oracle cards, published spiritual guides, and masterclasses. With her latest release, she continues to help people evolve spiritually.

Vanda says, “Soult is a gift. It keeps me in integrity with my own desires, my own energy. As a healer and professional, it helps me release what I have absorbed along the way. It accelerates my well-being, keeps me on my path, and keeps me healthy. It re-energizes me. It will do the same for you.”

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