ACS 200 Nano Silver Proven Best: 25% Discount on Price Free Shipping

Healing Pagoda announced the availability of Extra Strength ACS 200 silver spray by Results RNA now with 25% discount on price. A recent study unveils ACS 200 silver as the safest and most effective of the 5 most popular physician recommended brand silvers.

Customers looking for the latest Nano Silver Detox Spray can purchase ACS 200 Nano Silver by Results RNA through Healing Pagoda.

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ACS 200 Nano Silver by Results RNA is designed to appeal specifically to friends, family and physicians and includes:

Spray delivery – easy, convenient, delivery to the body

Nano technology – maximum absorption for quicker results

Extra strength – strongest efficacy and highest bacteria kill rate

Jeff Rafael, Managing Director of Healing Pagoda, when asked about ACS 200 Nano Silver by Results RNA said:

“There  are many silver companies, both nano as well as colloidal, that claim that their silver is the best, but lack the studies and research to back up such claims.  

Consumers have been buying these products with the expectation of several health benefits, not to mention in times of very serious, life endangering illness and disease.”

Dr. Robert J Rowan and Dr. Dennis Harper commissioned a blind study with an independent lab on behalf of The American College for Advancement in Medicine.

The study concluded that ACS 200 ranked #1 after testing the efficacy of 5 top brands of silver by physicians who have been shown to use and prescribe them most frequently.  

The other silvers tested did have fewer PPM’s, however as the doctors conducting the study point out from their findings, the PPM difference in ACS 200 was at most 10x ‘s that of the other products. Yet, the study shows an efficacy difference of 4,000 up to 1,000,000 times.

You can see a short video on the study here:

Most alarming was that 3 out of the 5 silvers tested were almost completely useless against the bacteria tested. The second place brand was still 4,000 times less effective than ACS 200, which completed an amazing 99.999955% kill.

The results of the study shows the only silver among those included, that is proven to be safe, and effective, is ACS 200 by Results RNA.  

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