Acrylic Paint Set for Beginner or Professional Artists Hits Amazon

Colore Art announced the continued availability of their Acrylic Paint "Colore 12 Extra Large Acrylic Paint Set" available at Amazon. More information can be found at

Customers looking for an exceptional Acrylic Paint are now able to purchase Colore 12 Extra Large Acrylic Paint Set by Colore Art. Angela Middleton, Marketing Manager at Colore Art has just released more in depth details of Colore 12 Extra Large Acrylic Paint Set’s development.

Colore 12 Extra Large Acrylic Paint Set is designed to appeal specifically to Beginner or Professional Artists and includes:

More Paints – This was made part of the product, since each of the tube contains 75 mL Acrylic Paints are much larger than the usual regular 12 or 22 mL tubes. Customers who buy Colore 12 Extra Large Acrylic Paint Set should enjoy this particular feature because The extra-large size of each tube allows each one to contain 5-6 times more paint than regular sized 12 ml tubes. This ensures that the content of each tube wouldn’t get used up shortly quickly; thereby lasting long and giving the full value for the money.

Vibrant Colors – Colore Art made sure to make this part of the Acrylic Paint’s development as This set offers rich & very intense pigments guaranteed to produce crisp, vibrant and vivid colors that will add life to the artwork and make them more appealing to the eye. It also offers uniform CONSISTENCY that will help to facilitate smooth color mixing, layering and blending for perfect color coverage and excellent tinting strength when used. Customers will likely appreciate this because Produces Vivid, Richly Pigmented And Long Lasting Vibrant Colors That Bring The Artwork To Life. The acrylic paint kit that will put the artistic talent into fine crafts masterpiece.

Manufactured by one of the most renowned brands in the arts and crafts industries for high quality paints and artistic supplies – This feature was included because this 12 acrylic paint studio has been carefully formulated using a unique combination of the qualities of professional grade paints. This is great news for the consumer as This will provide a set of studio acrylic paint that is not only durable but also easy and convenient to use.

Angela Middleton, when asked about Colore 12 Extra Large Acrylic Paint Set said:

“Are you looking for an Extra Size Acrylic Paint Set with the best quality ever ?, Then buy this Colore 12 Extra Large Acrylic Paint Set !”

This is Colore Art’s first release of a product and Angela Middleton is particularly excited about this product because This 12 Extra Large Acrylic Paint Set are uniquely design and manufactured for art enthusiasts, as well as aspiring and professional artists.

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