Acoustic Shockwave Therapy For ED – Best Noninvasive Blood Flow Device Launched

The Phoenix has launched its self-use acoustic shockwave device for ED treatment. The male health device uses patented technology to improve blood flow without surgery or medication, yielding long-term results.

The Phoenix has been launched as a noninvasive blood flow improvement device with a documented success rate of 93 percent. Patented smart guidance technology allows users to improve blood flow by removing plaque from blood vessels and promoting angiogenesis – the growth of new blood vessels.

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The Phoenix device is a natural and non-invasive solution for men of all ages. The device is portable and its use is supported by medical studies from around the world.

ED affects up to 40% of men over the age of 40. It usually occurs due to a shortfall of blood flow, which restricts performance abilities. This experience can adversely affect a person’s confidence and lead to anxiety or depression. While several treatments exist, they are usually expensive, tedious, and sometimes, may require prescription medication that causes unwanted side effects.

A major disadvantage of conventional solutions is their ineffectiveness in addressing the root cause of ED – blood flow. The Phoenix device uses high-frequency, low-intensity sound to form acoustic shock waves that stimulate blood flow and produce positive results that are visible within a short time. The device utilizes this technology to remove plaque buildup from existing blood vessels.

The Phoenix recommends 3 treatments a week for optimum results. This is programmed as a limit into the device in order to avoid overtreatment. The device is portable and specifically designed for safe and effective use at home. The company also provides discreet shipping and a 60-day return policy.

A satisfied customer said, “I’m 56 and had no idea if this would work. I did not know if my ED problems were physical or psychological since I was having problems that started when I was in my 30s. Long story short, I have been using Phoenix for about a week and I’m already getting very positive results. I see a big difference already.”

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