Acne Scar Removal Solutions That Will Surprise in 2020 According to Sozo Clinic

Research reveals that 85% of 1000+ acne scar patients have deep, tethered scars that need to be released and volumized, and these techniques might just help that.

A known professional aesthetic clinic in Singapore has announced an effective combination of acne scar removal that will leave their clients happy and satisfied.

Acne breakouts are frustrating enough to deal with, and the scars it leaves behind can seem like a double punishment. People may have turned to topical or over-the-counter creams to remove their acne scars and visible pores. But not every time it guarantees effective outcomes. Sozo Aesthetic Clinic has the right combination of satisfying solutions for acne scars removal.

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“More than 50% of acne scar patients that we see have tried lasers and creams before – but to no avail. “says Dr. Justin Boey, Medical Director of Sozo Aesthetic Clinic in Raffles Place, Singapore.

A research review of more than 1000+ acne scar patients who have undergone treatment has revealed that more than 85% of patients have deep, tethered scars that need to be released and volumized.

Deep and stubborn acne scars don’t respond to cosmetic creams and lasers, and it’s because these deep scars require professional acne scar removal procedures like Subcision and Dermal Fillers.

Subcision for acne scar removal is a micro-surgical technique that breaks down depressed acne scars and tethered down within the skin. Dermal Fillers, or also known as injectable fillers, are soft tissue fillers injected into the skin to assist in restoring a smoother appearance. The only downside for dermal filler is that it requires more that one session to achieve the desired effect.

When asked about the effectiveness of Subcision acne scar removal, the Singapore-based clinic said that Subcision delivers visible results instantly and treats almost all types of acne scars.

With Subcision and Dermal Fillers, the results are visible, immediate, and can be long-lasting when combined. Lasers are a complement to these manual techniques of scar revision.

“50% of the results of acne scar treatments can be achieved using subcision and dermal fillers. The other 50% of results come from laser skin resurfacing using Fractional CO2 laser, Fractional Pico laser, and Fractional Micro-needling RF (INFINI)”, says Dr. Justin Boey.

Sozo Aesthetic Clinic is one of the pioneers in Singapore that offers a comprehensive range of acne scar removal solutions. Their new and up-to-date technologies ensure that each of their patients achieves their desired results.

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