ACE Mobile Mechanic Dallas Launches Crime Prevention Services

Ace Mobile Mechanics is a mobile mechanics service that covers Dallas, Irving, Plano, Frisco, Richardson, Garland and Grand Prairie. Their certified technicians can fix all types of vehicle problems anywhere in these areas.

ACE Mobile Mechanic Dallas today announced that their expanded services offer unprecedented safety advantages for motoriststhat have not been available before. The announcement has been greeted withexcitement and relief among many of the motorists in the Dallas area.

“Thank goodnessfor real professional mobile mechanics,” said one exasperated Dallas motorist.“I can’t remember the last time I found one.”

ACE Mobile Mechanics are quickly gaining a reputation for prompt service, as they typically arrive within an hour after a request has been made. They come to the homes orworkplaces of their customers, and they even offer complete roadside repairs.

Every mobile mechanic from ACE is certified, and their integrity has been attested to by numerous satisfied customers. In addition, their services are available round the clock 24/7. Yet despite this added convenience, there is no extra charge for midnight or weekend requests.

This is welcome news for numerous motorists and truckers who travel and work at night.  According to the website, about 92% of the cities in the US are safer than Dallas. In 2014, 8.05 violent crimes were reported per 1,000 residents. That is almost double the overall violent crime rate in the whole of Texas, and is more than double the national median of 3.8 violent crimes per 1,000 residents.

The range of services offered by ACE mobile auto repair includes everything from simple maintenance to complicated computer repairs and full engine build ups. Every mobile car mechanic they send out is fully-versed in the make and model of the vehicle they are trying to fix. Each mobile auto mechanic is also equipped with all the necessary tools they need to work on site.

The company’s range of services is also not limited to vehicle repairs. In fact, they can also do basic maintenance for car owners.

Even potential car owners can take advantage of the expertise of an ACE mobile car mechanic.  This is perfectly illustrated in the growing popularity of calling an ACE mobile diesel mechanic before buying a used car.

Now with the help of ACE’s expert mechanics, shady car dealers and car sellers cannot pass on their irredeemable cars to unsuspecting car buyers. Their mobile mechanic can be summoned to evaluate any potential car purchase, and a tally of hidden defects can be made. This can lower prices for buyers and even prevent thedisastrous purchase of a lemon.

ACE offers motorist the best advantage of all. Despite the speed and effectiveness of their services, their prices remain affordable for motorists in Dallas. The emergence of a genuine professional car repair services like ACE is definitely a good start towards a scam-free mobile mechanic industry in this city.

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