Accurate Stock Value Calculator Online Trading Software Tools Launched

Stock Value announced the launch of its updated popular stock trading analysis tool Stock Value Screener to help investors calculate the real value of specific stocks and optimize their investments.

Stock Value announced the launch of an updated version of its popular Stock Value Screener, a high-quality stock value analysis tool allowing investors to estimate the real value of specific stocks. The software uses a proprietary formula to assess the actual value of stocks and help investors make informed trading decisions.

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According to Stock Value, one of the most fundamental problems of stock market analysis is that, by the time most investors find about specific stocks, the market has already made corrections for it. The resulting delay makes it difficult for most investors to find high-potential stock and invest in them before their value decreases.

With the release of its newly released proprietary analysis formula, Stock Value Screeners considers a variety of factors to determine the real value of a specific stock – thus helping investors optimize their investment and make informed trading decisions.

The new software’s unlimited searches allows users to get detailed stats on as many stocks as they need, complete with past performance stats, EPS, share volumes and other data.

By assessing the difference between the current price and the real value, the software automatically labels each stock as “On Sale” or “Not On Sale”. This allows investors to buy only those stocks that have a high potential for profit.

Finally, the software also provides insights into the trading actions of market insiders.

Stock Value Screener has already helped thousands of investors optimize their trading strategies and significantly increase their trading success.

A satisfied user said: “We’ve been on the program for almost 3 years now. Not only has it kept me from making some serious mistakes, it has also helped me increase my returns by 70% more than I was making before. I would definitely recommend Stock Value Screener!”

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