Accurate Body Fat Percentage Chart as MovementFirst Adopts Skulpt Aim Calculator

MovementFirst has adopted a new body fat measurement system that gives readings superior to the common body fat percentage chart.

Keeping the human body fit, holding the importance that it has, is a high maintenance endeavour. It is not just the losing of weight that counts but also the conditioning of quality muscle tissue. As most outdated methods, the use of the familiar body fat percentage chart may cause more confusion than benefit.

It is here that MovementFirst has made a remarkable achievement with the introduction of their new fitness measurement device. There are several ways to measure your body fat and while each of them has margins of errors, none of them can be as efficient as Skulpt Aim as it was originally developed for medical purposes. Skulpt Aim has an easy to use system and it comes along with a sensory spray that helps the device sense the skin before moving forward to calculating the body fat. Once the spray is applied to the face of the device, it is pressed against the body starting from the biceps. This process of spraying the sensory spray and then pressing it against the body continues with the triceps, abs and quads. Once this is done, the device calculates the total body fat percentage and displays on the screen. Thus, in a very few steps, one can have a clear knowledge about the percentage of their body fat.

There are other methods to calculate your body fat percentage.·

A body fat percentage chart where a person basically has to answer a questionnaire relating to his / her body.·

The bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (mostly scales) can be a consistent way to measure body fat.

The body fat skin-fold callipers are another method but it has often been deemed an invasive method and an outdated device.

Water submerging, although an interesting option includes a lot of hassle and works by calculating the body volume.

With the new Skulpt Aim, measuring body fat has not just been made easier but also extremely convenient and accurate throughout.

About the company: MovementFirst is a fitness company that has been thought out and is run under Jacob Nadav. The main aim of MovementFirst is that it specializes in post- rehabilitation personal training. He has a steady aim to help all people achieve their dream figure and he works tirelessly to achieve his aim.

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