Accountants Kelowna Applaud Project Management

Kelowna accountants have applauded the management of the Okanagan Rail Trail's donations and project finances. To learn more, visit

One of the most eagerly anticipated Kelowna attractions, the Okanagan Rail Trail, is finally close to being fully funded thanks to a generous donation from an anonymous local family. The donation, which some outlets estimate to be close to a million dollars, leaves the Rail Trail within $150,000 of their total $7.8 million-dollar overall goal. The trail, which has been in the planning and consultation stages since 2016, will eventually be a multi-purpose transportation route for cyclists, runners, and other leisure activities.

The Rail Trail is remarkable because it has been an almost entirely civic undertaking, having been almost entirely funded by public donations. For a project like this, careful accounting is necessary, as surplus funds will need to be allocated to each jurisdiction responsible for care of specific trail segments. For many Okanagan residents, the Rail Trail has been an example of the work accountants Kelowna wide do in order to help civic projects go smoothly. For a project of this scale, relying on private donations and fundraising efforts requires a keen understanding of record keeping, tax laws and regulations, and fund management.

Local bookkeeping firm Kindret Business Solutions is proud to see how this project has served to highlight the work done by some of the top accountants Kelowna has in town — something the company believes is good for the accounting profession overall. “Kindret Business Solutions applauds the fiscal management of the Okanagan Rail Trail thus far” noted a spokesperson for the company. Though mostly focused on bookkeeping, Kindret has provided accounting services to Kelowna and the surrounding area for a number of years, building up a reputation as one of the best in town. As such, the company is a good resource for opinions on proper fiscal management for projects like the Okanagan Rail Trail.

To learn more about Kindret Business Solutions, visit or stop by in person at 2113 Shamrock Drive, West Kelowna, BC, V4T1T9.

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