Accountants in Watford Change Service from Caplan Associates – Saves Embarrassing Conversations with Watford Accountants

Caplan Associates announce the launch of their Accountants Change Service for small and medium size businesses who want to change their Watford Accountants.

Watford, UK – September 26th, 2014 /PressCable/

Small and medium size businesses in the Watford area who want to change accountants, can now avail themselves of the new Changing Accountants in Watford Service by Caplan Associates, the top accountants in Watford.

Further information about the Service can be found here: Changing Accountants in Watford service is designed to address the three most common issues faced by small and medium businesses when they want to change accountant. The service includes three key elements:

1. Caplan Associates contact the existing accountants on behalf of the departing client, so there are no embarrassing conversations.

2. Caplan Associates requests all the necessary client information transfer, and receives them directly. This includes all client books, records, copies of accounts and tax computations. If this does not arrive in a timely manner, Caplan Associates contacts the former accountants again and chases them up to better expedite the process.

3. Caplan Associates then advise all the relevant regulatory and tax authorities, including HMRC and any other government offices, that they are now looking after the client's affairs, and provides them with all the new requisite and agent contact details.Philip Caplan, Director and Principal Accountant at Caplan Associates, says:

“Time after time, clients told me that they dreaded changing their accountant in Watford, as they felt it would inevitably involve them in an embarrassing and awkward conversation with their current accountants, some of whom will have been their accountants for years”.”Our new Changing Accountants in Watford Service now handles this entirely, as it leaves the client out of the loop altogether. There are no awkward conversations needed. We take care of everything, including the safe transfer of information and authority notification. This ensuring a smooth, timely and amicable transition”.Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at Those interested in finding out more about the Service can watch the Accountants in Watford video.

Contact Info:
Name: Philip Caplan
Organization: Caplan
Phone: 020 3191 9369
Address: Suite 2, 37 Ashley Lane, London, NW4 1HH

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