Accountancy Firm Launches New Business Services

Accountancy Plus has launched a new service to help businesses track their key performance indicators. The objective is to help businesses improve their company performance.

Accountancy Plus has launched new business services aimed at helping businesses achieve greater profitability and management. Following several successful case studies Accountancy Plus took the decision to roll out their successful pilot services to a wider audience of businesses across the country.

The company found increased levels of demand from businesses across all sectors for more efficient setting and tracking of KPIs or key performance indicators, which allows companies to improve their performance through setting, tracking and measuring these indicators. This helps decision makers to make better decisions and plan more effectively. All of which have a positive effect on the business bottom line.

Initially the service will be available to Accountants Bristol as this is where the service was initially developed and tested with key case study partners. Meetings will be held where directors, owners and managers can network and ask questions about how KPIs can help them improve the performance of their enterprise. The first step is to choose the right KPIs to start off with, so that a tracking dashboard can be set up by the Information Technology and Infrastructure support function of Accountancy Plus. Therefore setting the correct and best key performance indicators is vital. These can include but are not limited to lead generation, lead conversion, client fulfilment, employee performance, profit margins and more.

The next phase will see the service rolled out to Accountants Bath as there is also demand in this area, and many businesses have a presence in both Bristol and Bath.

Finally the services will be made available to Accountants Trowbridge as there have been a growing number of enquiries from businesses in this region.

Accountancy Plus is pleased to provide this much needed and valuable service and is looking forward to rolling out the service to meet the needs of businesses in more locations across the country.

Release ID: 134625