Accelerated Honorary PhD Degree & Post-Doctoral Qualifications Online Launched

Manasanthi Consulting, a career specialist based in India, have launched honorary PhD and post-doctoral courses for professional wanting to increase their qualifications and enhance their career options. These degrees are fast-tracked and come in a range of disciplines.

Thiruvalla, India-based Manasanthi Consulting, a career specialist, has launched on online learning portal for those in search of an honorary PhD degree or post-doctoral qualification. With more than 28 disciplines available, all learning is conducted via a long-distance program making thesis research and writing easier to fit into a busy schedule.

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Recently launched, the accelerated honorary PhD and post-doctoral qualification program includes a choice of disciplines such as commerce, business administration, management, marketing, finance, human resource, education, law, health management and information technology, just to name a few. Many other disciplines are also available.

Delivered online, all students of the program will select their discipline, then conduct research, before submitting a PhD thesis that adheres to the specified guidelines. A highly reputable university then reviews and evaluates this thesis.

All PhD and post-doctoral qualification awards are via convocation or at Indian university centers. Some of the most recent convocations held were in Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok, and Goa.

Established in 2000, Manasanthi Consulting is a professional career counselling group that specializes in directing professionals on the right career path. As such, Manasanthi aims to highlight the traits of an individual and help them to identify their ideal profession based on these traits.

When asked about the honorary PhD degree and post-doctoral courses on offer, a recent graduate said, “Completing my PhD online was fast, efficient and very enjoyable. I had help on hand if I needed it and support every step of the way. The detailed course materials helped me put everything together exactly right for evaluation. While research was the hardest, I found this to be a lot of fun. Plus, I expanded my knowledge of my chosen discipline as I progressed.”

To find out more about Manasanthi Consulting and their honorary PhD degree and post-doctoral courses, visit the link above.

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