Acadia Calgary Remote Car Starters – Two Way/Smart Phone Vehicle Devices Launch

Wright Restyling (403-278-0186), a Calgary, Alberta-based supplier and installer of automotive accessories, has launched an expanded range of remote car starters.

Based on products from Compustar and DroneMobile, the updated selection provides options ranging from one and two-way remotes to smartphone-based start-up and shut-down. The company has also announced an expansion of installation services to include car owners in the Acadia area.

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With the most recent additions, Wright Restyling offers vehicle owners across Calgary some of the latest developments in car starter technology. The ability to integrate with smartphones provides a new level of convenience.

Besides the novelty of being able to start a car remotely, these devices have several distinct advantages. Given the cold temperatures experienced throughout Canada, remote starting allows time for the vehicle interior and engine to become warm. As well as the obvious comfort this provides, it can also reduce wear on the motor.

A Pro Compustar Dealer, Wright Restyling offers a range of Compustar hand-held remote devices with various functionality. As an example, the ranges of use can vary from 2,000 feet to 3 miles, and devices are available with LED and LCD screens.

Some of the more advanced units feature waterproofing, as well as robust cases capable of withstanding shocks. The T12 kit includes 2 two-way remotes for both the LED and LCD remote starters, a USB wall charger, and a temperature sensor.

For those seeking smartphone operation, the enhanced DroneMobile solution enables remote control and tracking of vehicles from anywhere, provided that a user has cellular reception. Application features include GPS tracking with maps, curfew alerts, history logs, maintenance reminders, and more.

About Wright Restyling

In addition to car starters, Wright Restyling also supplies and installs audio systems, radar detectors, alarm systems, fleet tracking GPS, cruise control, and more. The company was established to provide Calgary residents with high-quality aftermarket systems, and the recent expansion to the Acadia area is testament to the growing demand for such solutions.

A satisfied client stated: “It was a quick and easy service. I called for an appointment to have a remote starter installed and was able to get an appointment that fit in with my schedule. The customer service was top shelf, and I would recommend 100%.”

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