Academic Rideshare TDM SaaS Platform Now Available For Schools And Families

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Go Together, Inc. launched a new multi-mode/ride-share school transportation (mobility) solution – CarpooltoSchool to meet the evolving and glaring changes and opportunities in school choice and student transportation. The innovative platform for schools and districts provides families the independence to choose the mobility options available, collaborate with their community and develop a plan that best works for each of their schedules. CarpooltoSchool significantly reducing per pupil transportation costs while providing school bus alternatives.

The mobility industry, specifically the TDM field, is a $200B industry made up of micro and macro transportation options that give users independence in scheduling, frictionless cash experience, and safety features that track departure and arrival. The $22B student transportation (mobility) industry transports only 33% of 55M students with little investments in what 54% of families are really doing – driving their children to and from school.

Go Together, Inc. is in the emerging category of TDM for schools and families serving over 50 schools and districts. Their cutting-edge SaaS platform helps school administrators effectively reduce both staff and operational costs.

CarpooltoSchool lets school administrators leverage technology that offers families the diverse and low-maintenance resources they need to organize shared options. As a result, students arrive to school in carpools, walkpools and bikepools.

Unlike other ride-sharing platforms, not just anyone can register. Instead, CarpooltoSchool’s dedication to trust and safety gives school administrators the power to approve who has access to the platform. Schools, parents, and students all appreciate the comfort of knowing only approved parents, guardians, or student drivers can participate.

The goal of Go Together, Inc. is to harness the trust of communities to form multi-mode transportation (mobility) pools that remove the barriers of getting to and from school and reduce impact on the environment. They strive to ensure that students have sustainable and reliable access to the classroom and personal growth opportunities while giving parents the ability to maintain their daily responsibilities.

Families find they save time, money, and stress. They are able to build the most optimal school transport solution for their busy schedules when they collaborate with their local community. The platform eliminates the need for individual emails or phone calls by providing an all-in-one solution for planning and supervising trips. It even features an integrated calendar to enable flexible scheduling.

Kimberly Moore, CEO states: “With the ability to find a match in seconds and to advertise school activities, parents connect to other parents not in their immediate social network and whose children share similar interests to their own building a stronger parent community and creating opportunities for new friendships for their children.”

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