ACA Insures Coverage of Substance Abuse Services but Available Treatment Providers Are Harder to Find

Sober Gateway Treatment and Therapy Center Says that Recent Law Changes in the Affordable Care Act May Cause Demand for Therapy Treatment Services to Outpace Supply. Sober Gateway Therapy Centers help people with addictions to overcome suffering brought upon by substance abuse or alcohol addiction.

WASHINGTON DC: Jan. 29, 2015 The Affordable Care Act now requires that insurance companies cover substance abuse treatment and addiction related issues. Finding substance abuse treatment and therapy centers with availability has become more difficult, says a major provider of referrals to substance abuse centers. 

Sober Gateway Treatment and Therapy Center, an online substance abuse referral center, points out that the historic lack of insurance coverage for substance abuse therapy has resulted in a shortage of substance abuse counselors and therapy centers with the increase in demand. Because of this shortage, those seeking addiction treatment and substance abuse counseling may have more of a struggle to find the specific types of real help they need.

The Affordable Care Act, widely referred to as Obamacare, has made major changes to health care delivery in the United States. One of those major changes is the inclusion of mental health and substance abuse services under the heading of essential coverage. Based on that inclusion, all health insurance plans as well as Medicaid services in states that accepted the Medicaid expansion included in the 2010 law must now provide coverage for substance abuse treatment and other addiction related issues. This is important, says Sober Gateway, because some substance abuse treatment and addiction therapy centers in certain locations are already operating at high occupancy levels. With the addition of many new enrollees as a result of the Affordable Care Act recent law changes, this could cause some situations where demand outpaces available supply.

Those seeking help are encouraged to call as soon as possible to secure the appropriate help that they may be needing. Family members and individuals struggling with drug addiction are urged to call 1-888-363-5553 for help.

According to recent figures released by the National Association of Medicaid Directors, the ACA added up to 18 million new health care users between the ages of 18 and 65 to the health care rolls. Insurance companies and Medicaid directors across the country were expecting an onslaught of people suffering from untreated chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease. Instead, health administration officials were pleasantly surprised to find that the new signups were actually younger and healthier than expected. They also found, however, that this population had a different set of health care needs.

Specifically, they found that the newly insured population, while younger and healthier than traditional Medicaid enrollees, also has a much higher incidence of substance abuse and addiction issues. In fact, of the 18 million adults who are potentially eligible for Medicaid under the expanded rules, an estimated 2.5 million have substance abuse problems, and of the additional 19 million who are eligible for health insurance subsidies under the ACA, about 2.8 million have substance abuse problems.

Sober Gateway provides assistance, advice and referrals to people seeking help with substance abuse and addiction issues. The center staffs a hotline with counselors that are trained to help people find a substance abuse counselor or treatment center that fits their needs. The free referral service operates 24 hours a day, and operators are available around the clock. The company urges family members and individuals struggling with drug addiction to call 1-888-363-5553 for help.

About Sober Gate Way Treatment Center: Sober Gateway offers numerous resources to help people permanently overcome the suffering and misery brought upon by drug addiction or alcohol addiction. The company believes in the right to start a new life and reclaim a persons health, sanity and sobriety. They offer free, confidential assistance to all who are affected by addiction and substance abuse issues.

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