Abstract Contemporary Nature-Inspired Resin Artist – Fine Art Collection Launch

Abstract design and nature-inspired resin artist, Rick Lowe Fine Art Inc, based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, has updated his website. His design work uses an innovative resin manipulation technique.

Rick Lowe Fine Art Inc, a resin artist based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, has launched updates to his website. Rick specializes in art inspired by natural rock formations such as agate, marble, granite and the beautiful waters of his native Florida coastline.

More details can be found at http://rickloweart.com

The recent updates offer browsers the opportunity to explore the inspiration and story behind Rick Lowe’s work, alongside commissioning custom pieces.

Once an entrepreneur with a successful internet start-up business, Rick’s love for art didn’t develop until later on in life, after he sold his company and decided to pursue his passion for design. However, he didn’t immediately become an artist.

Utilizing his eight-acre property in Florida, Rick opened a design center to help people visualize their plans for their homes and gardens, displaying thousands of items for visitors to explore. It was at this time that he noticed it was nearly impossible to find satisfactory unique pieces of art to exhibit, and so Rick Lowe the artist came about.

After multiple attempts to find his medium, Rick soon found an affinity for resin that led to the creation of his critically acclaimed contemporary abstract pieces. He began infusing industrial dyes, metals, colorants, and chemicals into resin to create complex work with real depth, texture, and dimension – and beyond exhibiting the work in his design center, he was soon receiving requests from visitors to purchase his art.

Now featured across various showrooms, galleries, fine art shows, and festivals, Rick Lowe’s abstract visions are regularly exhibited to art lovers to great success. His technique for manipulating resin is inspired by patterns found in nature and is so unusual that he holds a utility patent on the process.

Additional details can be found at http://www.artfestival.com/artists/riclowe

Many of Rick’s pieces are available to purchase, created in various sizes suitable for different rooms and buildings – and no two pieces are alike. Custom-made resin works are also available on request, and examples of his abstract style can be seen at the upcoming 38th Annual Breckenridge July Art Festival followed up with the 2021 Ann Arbor Art Fair.

With the latest announcement, Rick Lowe Fine Art Inc continues to create unusual pieces of contemporary fine art available for viewing and purchasing.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting http://rickloweart.com/events/.

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