Abine.com Creates Easy-to-use Tools To Protect Online Privacy

Abine makes easy-to-use tools for consumers to control what personal information companies, third parties, and other people see about them online, and protect online identity​.

Abine is the leading online privacy company, making easy-to-use tools for consumers to protect online identity and control what personal information companies, third parties, and other people see about them online. Since the ways companies collect, share, and sell data is constantly changing, Abine’s team strongly believes online privacy solutions must continuously improve and evolve to address these challenges. Now, Millions of people use Blur and DeleteMe to protect their online privacy.

One of Abine’s most popular identity protection service, DeleteMe, removes information from dozens of data brokers and keeps it off all year long in order to make it easy to have a lower profile and to have less personal information about anyone searchable online.

Lets analyse tax records for example. Many people wonder if tax records are public information. The short answer is no. Federal and state tax records do not fall into the same category as voter records or marriage records. That means that the neighbor, the mailman or close friends will have no access to this sensitive data. Now for the bad news. Although the IRS prohibits disclosure of this information, the third party company or software users used to e-file does not. With a simple signature or agreement to their terms of use, people could be unknowingly allowing these companies to sell information.

That means before anyone knows it, name, date of birth and home address could be posted on people search and data broker websites all over the Internet. With a simple Google search, private data could be accessed by anyone, anywhere, free of charge. If the information is already out there, DeleteMe can help to keep data private by searching for and removing personal information from leading data broker and people search websites. DeleteMe monitors and removes private information for throughout the year, making sure that if the information appears listed on search results from a data broker site that ranks high on Google, DeleteMe can have it removed. Having detailed personal information available to be freely searched and put on sale on the top data broker sites is not something desirable… even if the information is accurate.

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