Abhi Dwivedi Sharp Social 2017 Facebook YouTube Engagement Software Launched

Abhi Dwivedi, a digital marketing expert and software developer, launched Sharp Social, a web-based app allowing users to automatically reply to social media interactions on Facebook and YouTube. The software uses artificial intelligence principles and offers a wide range of automated responses.

Digital marketing expert Abhi Dwivedi launched a new Facebook and YouTube automated engagement software allowing business page owners to connect automatically with their clients using artificial intelligence-based algorithms.

More information can be found at http://muncheye.com/abhi-dwivedi-sharp-social.

Social media marketing has seen a sharp development with the widespread of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others. Through their social media pages, companies can contact their clients directly, as well as establish target population groups more effectively using a variety of data such as social engagement rates, groups, likes, shares and many others.

Sharp Social is a new software allowing business owners to automatically engage with their Facebook and YouTube audiences using artificial intelligence principles to determine the most appropriate type of response.

Studies show that businesses which respond promptly to reactions on their social media platforms see a steady increase in their online reputation. Furthermore, 71% of customers who have had a positive interaction with a brand over a social media platform are likely to recommend it to others. For this reason, effective engagement with social followers can have solid positive outcomes in terms of both online reputation and client generation.

However, personally replying to tens of thousands of followers is often impossible, making the task of direct contact considerably difficult.

Sharp Social is a web-based app that automates the direct replying and commenting process on YouTube and Facebook, allowing businesses to respond promptly to individual replies.

The app uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms to determine the nature of a comment (positive or negative) and the emotion expressed by that comment or reply. Sharp Social then allows the user to either reply individually to each client or create a custom reply that will be displayed to users, depending on the nature of their initial comment.

The software also allows users to select other actions – for instance, abusive comments can automatically be deleted, appreciation messages can be sent to positive comments, and many others.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting http://sharpsocial.io/jv.

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