ABBC Coin Unveils Disruptive Crypto-Friendly Shopping Platform

Aladdin25 is showing companies and consumers the future of e-commerce.

ABBC Foundation was not wrong in having high hopes for its flagship e-commerce shopping platform, Aladdin25. The platform consolidates the world’s top retailers into one single shopping experience where a variety of cryptocurrencies can be used to purchase goods. From ABBC Coin to Bitcoin, the field is wide open and its recent showcase at a private event in Manhattan offered investors a peek into the future of online shopping.

One of Aladdin25’s most impressive features is its ability to render product comparisons across more than twenty-five of the world’s most influential retailers. Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and Etsy are only some of the major names that are included. Blockchain technology is allowing for safer transactions and for a free-flow market on a global level. The one thing that has stopped the progress of cryptocurrencies is their inability to be spent on the sites of major retailers, and Aladdin25 is poised to solve that issue.

Aladdin25 by ABBC Foundation is the first step into envisioning a market that is seamless across the globe. Aladdin25 is showing that major retailers have the means to incorporate cryptocurrency and simulates how something like this could come about. ABBC Foundation CEO Jason Daniel Paul Philip is confident that in the coming years the transition will be smoother than many think.

Aladdin25 is only one successful attempt at merging online-retailers, and surely there will be many more from the company, still yet to come. For individuals who are still transitioning to new currencies, the platform also offered regular PayPal and credit card payments. The foundation expects that the change, while near, will also take some time to adapt to. The talk in the cryptocurrency industry is of constant changes and adapting to meet global standards. The future of online shopping is near, and ABBC Foundation is helping spear-headed.

About ABBC Foundation: ABBC believes in a different future for online shopping, by creating a unique and singular shopping experience for all. Aladdin25 is one of the many ways they are bridging the gap and bringing shopping options to consumers. The organization wants to see major retailers embrace the change as having all of them on a centralized hub is beneficial for both the consumers as well as the retailers. ABBC Foundation has recently ramped up its operations on all fronts especially with strategic partnerships from California-based blockchain consulting firm Lunar Digital Assets, to software development and gaming studio, Zombie Soup, which specializes in AI and Virtual Reality.

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