A1 Hood and Duct Cleaning Announces Filter Exchange Program

Major fire risk at restaurants revealed due to lack of scheduled hood cleaning. Regular kitchen hood cleaning prevents fires at restaurants.

Offering various hood cleaning, kitchen exhaust cleaning, and grease management services for commercial kitchens, A1 Hood and Duct Cleaning (www.a1hdc.com) announces their filter exchange program. The program brings an A1 technician to the site on a regular basis to change out dirty grease filters and exchange them with clean filters of the same size and quality.

The purpose of a restaurant hood filter is to filter out the grease rising in the smoke off cooking equipment. If the smoke is left unfiltered, it builds up through time in the ventilation system becoming a major fire risk. The National Fire Protection Association states that ‘most fires in commercial kitchens are caused by cooking flames that flare up and penetrate the filters where grease deposits have accumulated’.

Filters packed with grease are far less able to filter smoke passing through a ventilation system. This means unfiltered grease ends up in the ducting, and if enough builds up, it catches fire, and potentially thousands of dollars worth of damage.

A1HDC been serving San Diego County since 1979, offering state of the art cleaning equipment and techniques by trained uniformed technicians.

The service takes only minutes to complete and the benefits are many. Benefits of this filter exchange program include things such as reduced liability (many insurance companies now offer discounts to clients using such a filter exchange service program), lower labor costs, the ability to meet and exceed fire codes, and an improvement to efficiency without any mess or added work.

“After doing a terrific job cleaning our exhaust system,” stated Cathy F, Manager, Carl’s Jr Restaurant, “A1 Hood & Duct Cleaning left our kitchen clean and ready for business the next day.”

Those interested in the program may connect via the website to request a free estimate on joining the program.

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