"A Want Or A Need" The Latest Single From The Amazing George A. Santino!

"Mr. George A. Santino "
2013 was a great year for Mr. Santino with his hits played on national radio to magazine feature and interviews. He kicked off 2014 with the cover of Rock Thiz Magazine, Endee Magazine and gracing the cover of Tru Entertainment Magazine.

A "Want or a Need" is a song written by George A Santino and Erich H Benedict. George wrote the lyrics and Erich wrote the music. The genesis of the song really has nothing to do with the couple in the song but instead about a situation most parents face all the time. The child says I need this... I need this and the parent replies do you really need it or do you just want it; they're not really the same.

Not wanting to write a song about parents and children George came up with this version of the problem. In this case the guy tells the girl he needs her but she replies are you sure you don't just want me... a want and a need aren't really the same.

George wanted the song to have a modern jazzy, pop sound. Erich then wrote the music. This is a great song that almost everyone can relate to.

Mr. Santino started out doing many Sinatra covers but is proud to be writing his own songs and performing them at various venues in the Seattle area. He hopes to make it to perform in Vegas and other select cities in the near future. George left the "Rat Race" for the "Rat Pack" and couldn't be happier. He is finally living the dream!

Originally from the Philly projects, surrounded by abject poverty and crime, Santino wanted better for himself. He vowed he would be a success and would let nothing stop him. Santino's love of music started at a young age. Despite the school of hard knocks, this singer, writer, and motivational speaker managed to pick himself up, dust himself off, and get back in the race, just like Frank Sinatra's classic, “That's Life.” George was destined to succeed.

Most musicians hold down a day job to pay the bills. At night, it's their time to play. George A. Santino did just the opposite. An aspiring singer and a natural on the stage, Santino shelved that dream for years to provide for his family.

He couldn't have picked a better profession than Microsoft, where he first started out as an entry-level lab engineer. In 20 years, Santino worked his way up to become a partner — amazing, seeing as Microsoft only had barely 1,000 at that time. He was able to retire with the kind of security most working jazz musicians could only dream of. George's wife and kids couldn't be more proud!

In addition to his musical career, George is working on his memoirs to be published in his upcoming book in 2014. Although currently living the dream, George feels extremely blessed. George has a unique American story to tell that will inspire others to never give up on their dreams!

After leaving Philadelphia George grew up in Tampa, Florida. He looks forward to spending more time in Tampa during the winter months. He is very grateful for all the support he has received from the Tampa Bay are over the years. George graduated from Leto High School in 1974. Most of George's family still resides there so he still considers Tampa home and loves it when it gets the time to visit the Bay area.

"Singer and author George A. Santino is magical. A hybrid of jazz and inspirational. Amazing production, instrumentation and vocals. Powerful messages sealed with a searing crisp voice. Mr. Santino should be quite busy during the holidays with his soothing sounds and soulful melodies. This veteran also has been at it for quite some time; and it's quite obvious with his apparent control and lyrical content. This artist's extreme marketability, charisma and talent will most likely land him a gig singing a jingle or two on someone's daytime talk show. His sophistication and grace has earned him a spot on our 360 Watch List. " stated 360 magazine.

His previous single titled "As The One That Got Away" hit number 1 on the Hot New Releases chart for Easy Listening on Amazon.com. The single was played nationwide on FM radio stations such as WIIZ Augusta, KIX St Louis,103.1 Houston and many more.

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