A review of latest research on Alkaline Diet, fibromyalgia pain and inflammation relief.

The most recent research supports the importance of the right Acid-Alkaline balance and the way the food we eat makes a difference. An Alkaline body is necessary for general health and vitality. A Free Alkaline Food Chart provides the information to make healthy choices.

Acid – Alkaline balance has been talked about for some years now as the natural treatment of choice for many common life ailments such as inflammation, fibromyalgia pain and even serious diseases.

Recent research has provided substantial evidence that prolonged diets, good and bad can have both pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects.

Diets rich in added sugars, fats, and low in fibre have been consistently associated with chronic health issues from generalised pain to life threatening diseases, and wide spread low level inflammation is a common symptom.

On the other hand, many fresh vegetables and fruits are known for their anti-inflammatory benefits, and long term changes in diet have been associated with significant reduction in inflammations associated with widespread and difficult to deal with pain and disease.

The key difference between foods that might increase inflammation, fibromyalgia pain and disease, and those that reduce inflammation and associated pain and illness, is the now understood to be the way in which specific foods affect the acid – alkaline balance of the body.

This makes sense, as the health of all cells in the body requires the right environment to function properly and regenerate effectively. For most cells, a slightly alkaline environment is required, and malfunction of cells is associated with an acidic environment.

To understand which foods might be supporting good acid – alkaline balance, a Free Alkaline Diet Guide and Recipes database lists most foods and their pH levels.

Michael Murray, Author of “The Acid-Alkaline Diet Simplified “, extensively researched the scientific literature on acid – alkaline balance, after finding his own long term health problems were dramatically reduced, and the benefits of increased vitality were sustained.

Michael explains, “Once I understood the destruction that overly acidic levels in the body could cause, I made the removal of acidic wastes my first priority”.

30 days later, Michael couldn’t believe how his body had transformed. He reported, “I had gone from being fat and on the verge of falling apart to feeling incredibly healthy, full of energy, and 20 pounds lighter. My aches and pains had completely disappeared!.”

Additional case studies and personal experiences can be seen here.

While the medical profession is understandably cautious about food fads, magic cures and latest diets, the science is now well established documenting the clear relationship between the foods consumed on a regular basis and inflammation, pain and low vitality.

What is generally recognised as a good diet, is also a diet that assists the maintenance of a good acid – alkaline balance.

So knowing what the food eaten regularly is doing for the healthy functioning of every cell in the body is important information for being vital and pain and disease free.

For more information on diet and health, http://www.fibromyalgiadietrelief.com/ has a vast range of valuable articles and recipes.

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