A Positive Journey Project Final Conference Event

A Positive Journey, organizer of the new A Positive Journey, announced their European Partnership Project Final Conference event will be held in National Maritime Museum, Falmouth, Cornwall, England on 17th July 2015.

Carers, Health Workers, Youth Workers, Special Olympians, and people who care, looking for the latest information on the project can register to attend “A Positive Journey Conference” scheduled for Wednesday 17th July 2015.

A Positive Journey is presenting this event, which will cover key issues such as “Overcoming Challenges In Life” – listen to what partners from Italy, Lithuania, Greece and the UK have been able to achieve with this project for the past 2 years.

The idea began just after the London Paralympics following a telephone conversation between the two principal project leads, Graham Nicholls (Plymouth Mind) and Terry Stanton (Volunteer Cornwall). They both agreed that it would be great to be able to present the stories behind the amazing smiling faces that were shown on TV; that it would be great to give them an opportunity to tell others about their amazing journey to become an Olympian and overcoming challenges in life.

Volunteer Cornwall and Plymouth Mind work with people from very disadvantaged backgrounds. They then found like minded partners from Italy, Greece and Lithuania who also worked in similar fields. The idea grew to become wider than paralympic stories, but to celebrate “local celebrities” who had overcome challenges in their lives and so be an inspiration for others. This closely related to the London Paralympic theme of “inspire a generation”.

A Positive Journey project was born. It was funded, in 2013, by Grundtvig, part of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme. Now the project is celebrating the “end of its beginning”.

Several guest speakers will talk at the conference, for example, how the project has impacted on the Special Olympics Committee of South West England – David Painter, chair of the SOC, will present about the local achievements of special athletes as they celebrate their participation in the Special Olympics story.

“From the Delphi Oracle to the Eden Core” – the following day we visit the Eden Project in Cornwall to mark the end of the beginning of the Positive Journey project. This is a journey that started in Greece with a visit to Delphi, the home of the Oracle of Apollo, one of the most popular ancient sites in Greece, and finishes at the Core in Eden one of the most popular modern sites in the UK. Each has a stone at its heart; the oracle in Delphi and the Core in Eden.

When asked about the reasons behind creating this event, the

host of the event, A Positive Journey Project said:

A Positive Journey highlights and celebrates the achievements of people who have overcome a disadvantaged background. It shows that nothing is impossible – the word itself says “I’m possible!”

The A Positive Journey website has full details about the sessions at this year’s event. Interested parties can visit the website at: http://www.apositivejourney.com

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