A Petroleum Event Designed for Current and Prospective Owners

The challenges of today’s ever changing petroleum business can be overwhelming. Future Petro Owners, a Meridian event, is designed to help those wanting to or expected to follow in the family’s footsteps understand obstacles they may face. Hosted in Dallas August 4-5, 2015

The challenges of today’s ever changing petroleum business can be overwhelming. Future Petro Owners 2015, is a customized two-day Meridian event designed to assist those expected to follow in the family’s footsteps, those entertaining the possibility of entering the business or those already in the business. Hosted in Dallas, Texas, on August 4-5, 2015, this event will enable participants to understand the obstacles they may face.

Not only will Future Petro Owners 2015 enable understanding relevant challenges, the event will also focus on defining roles, executing crucial conversations in the business, creating and maintaining successful business relationships as well as assessing personal leadership strengths and weaknesses. In addition, there is opportunity to network and informally mix and compare notes with other future owners, which is invaluable to success.

Future Petro Owners 2015, will be hosted by Meridian President, Betsi Bixby. Bixby has been applying her extensive financial knowledge and experience to the petroleum industry for over twenty years through her quarterly Money Matters column published by the Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA), and her PetroAnswers.com website. Bixby has become the most widely read expert in the petroleum industry.

“The next generation holds a goldmine of talent and energy with the potential to catapult great family companies forward. Having this opportunity to blend and direct that energy is exhilarating and the ROI on supporting this generation’s further learning is astronomical.” states Meridian President, Betsi Bixby.

Past event attendees are still praising the knowledge they gained from Future Petro Owners 2014. “The comfort and solidarity of knowing there are others facing the same family challenges was so valuable. I gained 10+ ideas that will translate to at least $200,000? states Chris Mullis of Mullis Oil.

For more information on Future Petro Owners 2015, visit www.FuturePetroOwners.com. To learn how Meridian can help you, please contact Meridian Associates, Inc., at (817) 594-0546 or visit www.askmeridian.com.

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