A Pair of Socks Helped Restore Balance and a Healthy Lifestyle to an 80 year old

A Unique Pair of Socks Helped Restore Balance and a Healthy Lifestyle to woman in her 80s.

Loyce Bradshaw had a rough year. First her husband, then her twin sister died. And her own health started to falter at 82, with the onset of Atrial Fibrillation and a series of falls that worried more than injured her.

Between her grief, irregular heartbeat and deteriorating balance, she stopped moving around much. She grew weaker and more skittish. Loyce’s adult kids worried about her falling, and also about their mother losing muscle tone, endurance, and her zest for life.

But now, Loyce is standing tall again. She has begun meditating and has returned to exercise. And she sports a new confidence from a surprising source: her new socks.

“I would not have believed it until I tried them on,” says Loyce, a retired executive assistant who lives near Nashville, Tennessee.

“My balance is better. I can do tree pose again,” she adds, standing on one foot and holding her hands together above her head while simply standing on the Voxx insoles with HPT (Human Performance Technology)

Tactile contact with the Voxx HPT triggers a neural response in her brainstem that improves her mobility and balance. The technology also helps reduce pain and improves athletic performance. HPT is helping countless older people, others dealing with issues like Parkinsons, stroke or MS, and even high-performing athletes looking for an edge.

“People call me every day saying, ‘Thank you for telling me about these socks — you’re not going to believe what just happened to my mom’ or sister or friend…,” says Stan Esecson, Voxx Vice President. “I believe them. I’ve seen it countless times. The http://www.SeeOurSocksInAction.com website has thousands of stories, many will bring a tear to your eye. We’re helping people all over the world.”

Loyce is even sleeping in the socks to lower her risk of falling when she gets out of bed. And she has resumed her social activities, including Friday dinners out with friends.

Is her improved outlook due entirely to her favorite new footwear? Of course not, she says. She’s working hard to enjoy life again.

But does she get a powerful boost from her Voxx socks?

“Absolutely!” she says.

You can learn more about the science and uses of this technology www.SeeOurSocksInAction.com

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