A new website for Nicaragua Beach Vacation Rentals launched

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A new generation website features Nicaragua Beach Vacation Rentals with 360 Virtual Tours. Site offers hosts one year free trial and $500 booking guarantee.

A new generation Vacation Rental listing website has embraced Nicaraguas beaches as one their first destinations to promote.

The website is the brainchild of entrepreneur John Paul Pfeiffer, a Nicaraguan transplant from New York, USA.

Mr. Pfeiffer is a US citizen who discovered Nicaragua on a week-long surfing trip in 2015. Just one week after reluctantly leaving, Mr. Pfeiffer purchased a property on Nicaraguas, Pochomil Beach because he became so enamored with the country. He has since renovated what is now known as ‘The Beach House at Playa Pochomil’, and runs it as a surfing retreat with 5 rental options for 1 – 13 guests.

Virtual tours of the entire property, as well as entire Pochomil Beach, can be found on the new Vacation Angel website.

One of the many things that make Vacation Angel different from Airbnb or Vrbo is that they are a niche site featuring only waterfront properties.

Working in real estate and managing vacation rentals for over 20 years, Mr. Pfeiffer says he was inspired to start Vacation Angel to help people discover Nicaragua.

So far, Vacation Angel features virtual tours of just about every beach on Nicaragua’s pacific coast. They currently have 17 virtual tours spanning the entirety of some of Nicaragua’s most popular beaches. Some of the beaches featured are San Juan Del Sur, Playa Colorado, Playa Pochomil, Playa Popoyo, and Playa El Transito.

They’ve even included extremely remote virgin beaches that are difficult to reach and hard to find such as Playa Anima and Playa Ocaso.

“By giving our visitors virtual tours of the beaches before they go they can get a better idea if it’s someplace that they would like to visit before spending their hard-earned money getting there. Additionally, we incorporate virtual tours of the vacation rentals into the tours of the beaches so that travelers can see exactly where they will be staying and exactly where it is on the beach. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve booked a place and then was unpleasantly surprised when I arrived.” Pfeiffer said.

The Vacation Angel website provides visitors a lot of useful information specific to each beach including, 5 day weather reports, seasonal weather trends, local surfing information, local restaurant and store listings, timewarp vdeos of local roads, travel tips, and guest reviews.

By visiting Vacation Angel you can get just about all the information you would need to make an excursion to a new and exciting destination. Whether you’re looking for something with luxury amenities or someplace way off the beaten path, you’ll find curated information on the best ways to get there and get the most for your money.

“I wanted to show people what I see when I’m here in Nicaragua. What better way to do it than to show them on a virtual tour and then give them detailed information I’ve collected from my personal experiences. After my first trip to Nicaragua I realized there are a lot of misconceptions about this country. I wish there was something like Vacation Angel when I first traveled here. I would have saved myself a lot of trial and error in my travels.” Pfeiffer said.

Vacation Angel is offering waterfront vacation rental owners a one-year free listing to advertise their property on the site. They also guarantee a booking within the first year or they will pay the host $500.

The fees Vacation Angel charges are less than half of the other major listings sites. Vacation Angel charges no fees or upfront costs. They charge a commission of only 3% on the owner’s side and 3% on the renter’s side which will also save travelers a substantial amount in fees.

With the one-year free listing and $500 booking guarantee, Vacation Angel is looking to quickly add to their stable of waterfront vacation rental offerings to give travelers the best options and experiences when touring through Nicaragua.

One of the many advantages Vacation Angel features include giving owners back control over how they manage their listings/properties. One example is that hosts are not limited to preset cancellation policies like they are with Airbnb or VRBO, which can negatively affect owners.

Vacation Angels policies aim to give owners back control of security deposits and how they run their property. Onwers wont have to go through a lengthy and tedious arbitration with the booking platform to collect simple damages.

“As a long time vacation rental host myself, I felt that these larger platforms set policies and limit owners in a way that allows guests to take advantage of us for the sake of their own profits. I see these sites constantly siding with the guest over the owners, over and over again as their policies change accordingly to unreasonable levels. I want to change that and help others who are feeling and experiencing the same things I am.” Pfeiffer said.

More details and information can be found on the Vacation Angel website: www.vacationangel.com

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