A New technology helps reduce slips on the ice

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A unique one of a kind pair of socks is changing the game of hockey.

As a hockey player or parent, you work hard to succeed. What if winning more games was as easy changing your socks?

Hockey teaches the importance of teamwork and can lead to lifelong friendships. It’s a sport that requires concentration, practice, and dedication. Building a strong youth hockey player is about instilling a good work ethic. Hockey also requires a high degree of athleticism, coordination, and fitness.

Parents will go to great lengths to support their young hockey player. Early morning practices, intensive training camps, top-of-the-line equipment, and year-round competition are standard for kids dreaming of moving up the ranks. With so much time, energy, and money being devoted to hockey by both kids and parents, wouldn’t you want to have every advantage on your side? That’s where a remarkable new technology is making its mark.

Voxx HPT (Human Performance Technology) is a wearable neurotechnology that optimizes the body for athletic performance. It targets specific neuroreceptors on the bottom of the feet and helps create a state of homeostasis, or equilibrium, within the brain which can lead to an impact on balance, proprioception, respiratory control, motor and muscle control, concentration, strength, and reaction time. Each of these has a specific impact on the ice.

Luc Robitaille, former NHL all-star and now President of the LA Kings, is an avid Voxx wearer and supporter. From the sharpening of his skates to the way he taped his stick handle, he knows the importance of embracing any advantage.

“When you put something on and you feel good, you keep it,” Robitaille says. “So that’s what we’re seeing, the results we’re seeing with our team. The guys who have tried it, they’re sticking with it and that means they’re going to start playing with it.” For Robitaille and his team, the advantage of Voxx products is undeniable and continually using them is a no brainer.

Ice is slippery. Therefore, skating requires a great deal of balance. To execute their quick turns and direction changes, hockey players must have good core strength. Proprioception, defined as the ability to sense your own body’s orientation within your environment, allows your child to move naturally with grace and power. Skating is a total-body workout that requires a high degree of endurance. A well-controlled breathing rate can increase stamina and performance.

Hockey players must also coordinate skating with passing and shooting and this requires good motor and muscle control. Not to mention the concentration needed for players to follow the puck moving at lightning speed across the ice. Finally, reaction time can mean the difference between making the big score and letting the other team win. The Voxx HPT has been proven through multiple studies to positively impact balance, strength, coordination, and every important skill a good hockey player needs.

Robitaille explains, “I would say to any young player out there, in any sport actually, if you’re picking something you love, you have to put every advantage on your side… So, if you can wear a pair of socks that it helps you concentrate and helps your recuperation… you’re going to wear them. You have to, because that’s what you love and you’re trying to get better at what you do every day. Put everything on your side for something you love.”

According to Stan Esecson, V.P. with Voxx, “Sometimes it’s the simple solutions that can make be biggest difference. I get calls every day from a wide range of people of all ages, many of whom were skeptical at first, but they are now loving these socks and telling everyone.”

The proprietary technology is woven into a what looks like a fingerprint on the bottom of the socks. It’s drug-free, noninvasive, tactile stimulation.

Elvis Stojko, Canadian figure skating legend recently said “Balance is key. On and off the ice I wear my VOXX socks everyday, it’s a simple change that has made an amazing difference”

You can learn more about the science and uses of this technology at www.seeoursocksinaction.com to learn more.

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