A New Resource for Men Wishing to be A Father After A Vasectomy Is Launched

The decision to have a vasectomy is usually well thought out, but life changes sometimes causes a change of heart. A resource that can identify the best physicians in the area to provide vasectomy reversal services can help to resume the growth of a family.

A new website, www.unsnipper.com is positioned to become the one place to go to find local vasectomy reversal  surgeons. This site is focused on identifying these important resources and having local web pages throughout the country for people to refer to.  The goal of the company is to provide easy access to medical professionals  whose main purpose is to help men regain the ability to  experience the joy of  fatherhood again naturally.

Every year around five hundred thousand men choose to have a vasectomy procedure.  A percentage of these men subsequently decide to reverse the procedure.   Recent advances in equipment and medicine in this field, such as micro-surgical techniques, has increased the rates of success in the performance of the reversal procedure.  It is not uncommon for success rates to be over95 percent for most doctors.   This site will find and match up the qualified physicians with prospects inquiring about the services in their local areas. People can put in their information and have doctors calling to schedule appointments.

 The parent company, The Idea Guys Brands, LLC has companies focusing on technology, search engine optimization and consumer products.  The owner, Guy T. Dunn, Sr. is a serial entrepreneur, best selling author and trainer who owns multiple entities and is no stranger to starting new ventures. When asked why he choose this area for this new project he replied, “ I want to focus on businesses where my clients are able to genuinely help people and see the value of focusing on providing the direct services and enlisting others to help  grow their market.”

Dunn plans to use his experience in marketing, branding and public relations to gain exposure for www.unsnipper.com to the potential new fathers out there..  Being a super networker on LinkedIn with over 17,500 connections in his network, he should be able to gain ground in this market. Being a part of this is a win-win situation for him, the physicians and the soon to be growing families. 


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