A New Line of Credit Helps Businesses Recover from Tough Economic Times

E2E Financial Solutions is proud to offer a new lending product to help business owners in tuff economic times.

E2E Financial Solutions offers business owners a new lending product to help them recover from the recent tough economic environment with an innovative business line of credit.

A business line of credit is a method of providing financing for a business that is different from conventional loans or merchant factoring which can be expensive and have higher interest rates than the banks.

The solution offered by E2E is very flexible and can provide the company with working capital when needed.

“The last year has been very tough on entrepreneurs. Business owners might not think of a line of credit for their financing requirements because traditionally this term is used in the personal banking world. We’re excited to be able to offer a solution that is flexible and affordable to our clients” said Satpaul Saroya, President of E2E Financial Solutions.

According to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce over 100,000 businesses closed their doors during the past 12 months. E2E Financial wants to help business owners survive and thrive now that the economy is slowly reopening. They plan to do this through funding solutions for recovery and growth that will not hurt the business owner in the long run with high interest rates and costly fees.

The application process for a business line of credit is similar to any other type of business financing. A business could expect to provide financial statements, accounts receivables, accounts payables, and articles of incorporation. The credit rating for the business owner or director of the corporation will also be considered.

Running a business requires cash flow, and E2E is experienced in unlocking financing that can be used for working capital, growth, marketing, innovation and more. Contact them today to explore what solutions might be best suited for your business.

Founded in 2002, E2E Financial Solutions believes in creating partnerships with a purpose and striving for significant outcomes. They specialize in business loans, construction loans, and small business financing in Mississauga and the surrounding communities including Toronto and the Greater GTA.

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