A New Gallery Will Offer Original Israeli Contemporary Artwork Under A Thousand Dollars

A new art gallery owned by Eli Adri will offer art works priced up to 1,000 USD. "We are part of a movement taking place in the art world in terms of making art accessible to the large public."

“Under a Thousand” – A new art gallery owned by Eli Adri will offer art workspriced up to 1,000 USD. “We are part of a movement taking place in the artworld in terms of breaking the closed circle of high end expensive galleries makingart accessible to the large public.”

A new ventureof artist and entrepreneurEli Adri offers contemporary artwork at affordable prices up to 1,000 USD.

The venture, which opened under the name “Under a Thousand” (under 1000 USD), will display works of art on a rotating basis – a mix between established artists and artists in the beginning of their careers. Displaying in the gallery are Israeli top artists: Yair Garbuz, Tsivi Geva, Roni Somek, Assi Meshulam, Shahar Sarig and Daniel Siboni and introducing young promising artists such as: Yair Peretz, Niv Burnstien, and quality street art such as: Dede,  Joboy, Bazooka Joe and others.  

According to Adri”Under a Thousand” is a home for good art for Israeli artists tosell their artwork for very reasonable prices. “Art, as a product, becomessomething completely positive; it is accessible to people, it is unique and allof this without compromising on the selection.”

The idea forthe gallery came to Adri when he was looking to purchase art work for his home,which turned out be a very hard task. He had to visit many galleries whichdisplays usually between 5-7 artists at a time and when he didn’t like the artpresented, he needed to move on to the next one and to the next one. “Eventuallywhen I saw something that I liked, the price was too high for me to acquire.That brought me to the realization that the art world needed a place in whichthere will a montage of art, a variety of high quality works to cater to eachtaste in affordable prices that the public will be able to afford.”   

It is also beneficialfor the artist themselves. “The Gallery breaks the dependence between artistsand a small group of individuals with financial means who function as art collectors, auction houses and galleries. Givingthem a permanent base to display their work and above all expanding their reachto new audiences which previously they had no way of reaching.”

“Under aThousand” gallery is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Contemporary Artworksare available to purchase at www.underathousandart.com and on www.etsy.com/shop/UnderAThousandArt

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