A new 2021 Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner HVAC Unit is Available in Cypress

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With a solid reputation, Mitsubishi A/C has been in the HVAC business for 100 years. Every year Mitsubishi Electric improves the product line for homeowners in Cypress TX.

The Wall Mounted HVAC units from Mitsubishi Electric provide maximum levels of comfort control at home or in a commercial setting. People who value personal comfort, want to save money, and live more efficiently will find this an eco-friendly heating and cooling solution.

Key Features Mitsubishi Electric ac improves

• Indoor units now come with Dual Barrier Coating applied to heat exchangers, fans, and vanes.

• Indoor units feature four-speed fans.

• All indoor units are equipped with a nano platinum filter and an enzyme filter for allergen prevention.

• The pre-installed L-joint gas pipe makes installation easier.

In addition, to the specific product upgrades and improvements, the new MSZ(Y)/MUZ(Y)-GS30/36 models operate more efficiently. The models boast a SEER Ranking of 18, an increase from 14.5, and an HSPF of 10, increasing from 8.2.

Mitsubishi’s new MSZ(Y)/MUZ(Y)-GS30/36 series of ductless mini splits also have updated exterior units – Blue Fin Coating on the heat exchanger comes standard on all new outdoor unit chassis. Other improvements include the use of a smaller liquid pipe and reduced breaker size requirements.

The Benefits Of Wall Mounted Mitsubishi Mini-Split HVAC Systems

Traditional residential HVAC systems can’t provide the personalized comfort that Mini-Split systems deliver. Mini-Split systems allow homeowners to adjust the temperature of the room they’re installed instead of having to activate the HVAC for the entire house.

“Homeowners are loving the control over the home environment,” said Barry Granger, the Owner. “With inflation on the rise, no one can afford to be wasteful with energy anymore. Mini-Splits are the perfect solution because Mitsubishi ac updates allow homeowners to heat and cool more intelligently.”

Mini-Split systems provide a much more personalized and localized heat or cool than standard HVAC units. The installation of these HVAC systems is ideal for handling hot or cold spots in the home or adding heating or cooling capabilities such as in the basement, a finished garage, or another area without sufficient temperature control technology.

“With many older homeowners reluctant to leave beloved properties to larger family homes, mini-ductless systems help save the household budget. From a logical standpoint, running the HVAC primarily in the areas where needed helps reduce energy bills. Why cool an entire 2,800 square foot home if only 400 square feet (or less) is getting used at a time?” Barry Granger, the owner continued. “They are a cost-effective solution for both new construction and retrofitting homes with new HVAC technology.”

Whether struggling to find a single comfortable room or planning an entire home renovation, the newest Mitsubishi Electric Comfort Systems models, there’s a solution that meets demands and requirements. With the Zoned Comfort Solution®, each living space receives personalized heating and cooling from wall-mounted air systems.

“Mini-ductless systems are saving families everywhere, in more ways than one. First, they save money and energy. Secondly, they help to solve disputes about what the indoor temperature of the home should be. Either it’s a single zone or multiple zone air conditioning installation in Cypress Texas. For instance, if one person likes it chilly, but another prefers it warmer, a mini-ductless system offers comfort for both,” Barry Granger, the owner continued said. “With a Zoned Comfort Solution, each room operates independently. There isn’t a single thermostat that controls the entire system. Instead, each room can get set according to preference. No more fighting over who is running the only thermostat in the house!”

First Time Mitsubishi Installation

The new 2021 Mitsubishi MSZ(Y)/MUZ(Y)-D30/36 is not backward compatible with the MSZ(Y)/MUZ(Y)-GS30/36. This new model is ideal for a new installation or a replacement of an older Mitsubishi ac unit.

Replacement Installation

It will need to get replaced at some point in the life of a cooling and heating system. When that time comes, don’t just substitute another energy-wasting system. Upgrade to better comfort with Zoned Comfort Solution® from Mitsubishi Electric!

Homeowners can have expectations to save as much as $200 annually on their heating and cooling bills since each room or zone runs independently from one another. If the entire home uses a single thermostat, there’s a good chance for uneven heating and cooling to occur. When this happens, valuable energy gets wasted, and the costs can add up.

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