A luxury bag that marries culture, fashion and social impact by Love The Chans

Love, The Chans releases 'The Nura'. A crossbody bag for collectors who love culture infused fashion and stories behind the things they wear: https://lovethechans.com/product/the-nura-handbag/

Love, The Chans announced that customers looking for their Limited Edition Nura Crossbody are now able to purchase this from their Artisanal Shop online.

‘The Nura’ release marks the launch of a limited edition collection crafted from exclusive ‘Batik Tulis’ (Hand Drawn Batik) from Indonesia. Everyone within the business was excited when the product launched: “What we look forward to the most is connecting a community of intentional buyers who are lovers of global culture; a community of fun, adventurous and conscientious global citizens who are hungry to discover and infuse the beauty of diverse cultures into their daily lives.”

When asked about The Nura Crossbody, Mirfie Chan, Founder & Chief Storyteller at Love, The Chans said:

“Any piece made with hand drawn batik is a limited edition. When we curated these exclusive fabrics, it was important for us to find a design that would showcase the incredible work of art by the artisans in Indonesia. The design on the brilliant red batik features the mythical Pheonix, believed to bring peace, fortune, health and longevity. Because there are only a handful in the world of the 3 motifs offered, ‘The Nura’ is a collectors piece. We have found that the collection naturally appeals to the person who loves the stories behind things. Our mission to give back, both locally and globally, also speaks to consumers who shop with intention and purpose. This is actually the most thrilling piece as a founder – the formation of a community rooted in sharing a love for all in a vibrant and joyful way.”

Patrons of the artisan made goods market will be happy to know that the design of the bag was chosen because it perfectly combines heritage rich art with function. Mirfie adds, “Batik Tulis (Hand Drawn Batik) is the most complex process in batik making. Depending on the design, colors and the fabric itself, it can take several months to complete. The intense patience, skill and passion needed, make it nearly impossible for a motif to be replicated. This is why Batik Tulis pieces are highly sought after by batik lovers and collectors. We added leather and brass accents to compliment the exclusive fabric, while suede lines the roomy, multi-functional interior. It is one of my personal favorites.”

Giving back is a value that’s infused in the DNA of the company. Part of the proceeds from the CINTA (‘Love’ in Indonesian) Collection, is donated to the Uplift Foundation. Headquartered in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Uplift is a diverse, female founded and led non-profit that seeks to support women and children in crisis. Globally, part of the proceeds from the collection also goes to Connect Indonesia, a volunteer based organization that supports the artisanal community with skill development and tools to build a better livelihood for their families and communities. Mirfie explains, “Because we champion global citizenship, it makes sense that our reach would not be limited to our backyard. Our journey would have felt incomplete had we not been able to cast our giving net wider. For this, we are so grateful to our customers who make it possible because they share a love for our vision with equal passion. “

Gift yourself or a loved one something incredibly special while giving back to communities at risk.

Those interested in purchasing the limited edition ‘Nura’ bag can go directly to the product listing, here: https://lovethechans.com/product/the-nura-handbag/

Love The Chans is based in New York City and New Jersey. They can be reached via text at 646-328-6854. Interested to learn more about their journey? Watch the company’s launch video at https://lovethechans.com/art-of-batik/

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