A Happy Marriage for a Lifetime – There are 7 Secrets

Happy marriages are hard to find. Two thirds of relationships don’t survive past 40 years. ‘The 7 Secrets of a Happy Marriage for a lifetime’ (Free eBook) brings hope to those couples, who want to see their marriages enriched as every year passes.

Some marriages and relationships last a lifetime, while most – sadly do not. According to research done by Dr John Gottman, based on divorce statistics “The chance of a first marriage ending in divorce over a 40yr period is 67%”. This means that about third of couples have a happy marriage for a lifetime. The other two thirds divorce and perhaps try again.

With such a high divorce rate, it would not be unreasonable to suggest that more resources and effort needs to be put into pre-marriage and during marriage education for couples in relationships, rather than waiting for it to fall apart a few years later. Delivering couples from the carnage, which follows in the wake of divorce would be an ideal solution.

The founder and director of Save a Marriage Now, Dr Victor Matthews has just released an eBook (which is Free) specifically addressing this issue. The title is ‘The 7 Secrets of a Happy Marriage for a Lifetime’.

After extensive research in the field of divorce and marriage, Dr Matthews distilled down the essential elements for a happy marriage into seven foundational principles, or the seven secrets.

In reality there is nothing arcane or mysterious about the seven foundational principles. They’re all common sense tenets, which would dramatically improve, not only marriage relationship, but also all the other relationships which people make, from family, to friends, to business and neighbors. But unfortunately two thirds of couples are not in the habit of practicing them, which explains in part why the divorce rate is so high.

The eBook, is written in a down to earth, no nonsense, no holds barred style to personal transformation. The approach is simple, but the advice profound.

‘The 7 Secrets of a Happy Marriage for a Lifetime’ eBook is FREE, and is available for download at this link (click here).

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