A Garden Hose Buying Guide Released For Residential Gardeners

Palmate Gardening has released a new how-to guide on best garden hoses for consumers. Residential Gardeners and other interested parties can find the guide online at http://www.palmategardening.com/product-reviews/best-garden-hose-review-top-3/.

Palmate Gardening has published a new how-to-buy guide dedicated to help residential Gardeners determine which garden hose is compatible with their needs. This guide is written to help people understand the varieties offered to them. It will also have information useful to anybody facing the challenge of learning about the options and specs they might not typically understand.

Interested parties are invited to browse the Garden Hose Buying Guide for General Consumers.

This guide contains precise details and instructions, the varieties offered to them, and is designed to be used by hobbyists or maintainers that need a product that lasts. It will help them determine which garden hose is compatible with their needs.

When asked for more information about the reasons behind creating a guide on the top garden hose product, Pete Bowes, head of product development at Palmate Gardening and gardening enthusiast said: “I try to provide the general consumer by reviewing the watering hoses I have experienced in functional situations. My top three list features rubber and polyurethane hose comparisons.”

Gardeners have different levels of experience, backgrounds and ailments, therefore the product specifications, length, material, diameter, and functionality are discussed. Mr. Bowes considers the functionality and history of personal use, among browsing the posted reviews from various vendor sites such as Sears and Amazon.

Mr. Bowes added, “My reviews are not as formal as other gardening sites. Really the only people I discuss the products with are my wife if we own the item, or industry pros and influencers I meet on the road at conventions and shows. I try to be as un-biased as possible, and speak to people how I would wish to be spoken to. Technical, yet informal.”

More of Mr. Bowes’ product reviews can be found on the Palmate Website.

More information about Palmate Gardening can be found at http://www.palmategardening.com

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