A Fort Collins, Colorado, Company Opens New Division, Lion Septic Service

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A Fort Collins, Colorado-based company assisting homeowners in various home-related equipment installations and repairs has expanded into multiple specialty areas, including Lion Septic Service.

A Fort Collins, Colorado-based, independently owned and operated business that specializes in assisting homeowners throughout Northern Colorado with various needs to service their properties, has recently expanded and created specialty divisions within their organization, including Lion Septic Service.

The company’s General Manager, Barton Palmer, created Lion Septic Service after identifying the need to have multiple disciplines of home maintenance, service, and repair available under one roof, ready to assist any residential customer in need of help with keeping their property in optimal working order. This is the company’s most significant restructuring to date and has been created to best serve its customers.

Lion Septic Service identifies, treats, cleans, and repairs residential septic systems and helps homeowners avoid major issues that may arise if a system is left clogged or otherwise non-operational. Helping customers understand septic issues that may arise or that are present is one area that Lion Septic Service technicians are highly skilled in and addressing issues prior to them escalating is the goal of the Lion Septic Service team. Clogged septic systems, systems in need of flushing and cleaning, identification of septic system location, and general maintenance and repair are all areas Lion Septic Service technicians assist customers throughout Northern Colorado.

Dedicated attention to safety, health, and proactive, quick repairs are Lion Septic Service’s objectives. Customers choose this division based on communication standards that the company adheres to, respect for property and keeping areas clean, ability to avoid costly issues down the road, the company’s discount offers for seniors, those with disabilities, and veterans, and the free cost estimates prior to starting work.

Lion Septic Service provides estimates to prospective customers who are seeking assistance with various home-related repairs, equipment upgrades, installations of new parts and products, and consultation regarding best options for efficiency and operation. The division is a member of CPOW (Colorado Professionals in Onsite Wastewater) and follows OSHA guidelines.

As a Certified Malarkey Residential Contractor(Emerald Pro), Lion Septic Service offers a robust foundation and qualified personnel who are trained at the highest levels in their respective area of expertise. The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and serves clients along the Front Range of Colorado.

Release ID: 89049717