A Dog’s Memoir Recounts a Relationship with a Human

“DIAMOND IS A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND” A DOG'S MEMOIR RECOUNTS RELATIONSHIP WITH A HUMAN Author Susan Hoffman writes her story from her “GrandDog’s” Perspective.

“DIAMOND IS A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND” -A Dog’s Memoir Recounts Relationship With A Human – Author Susan Hoffman writes her story from her “GrandDog’s” Perspective.

January 2022 … Newport Beach, CA … Diamond Is a Girl’s Best Friend, a book recently released by Newport Beach resident and author Susan Hoffman, is an intimate portrayal of a relationship between human and dog. The story is written as a memoir from the dog Diamond’s perspective and begins with a dangerous situation that evolves into an unbreakable bond and total reliance.

Based on the true story of Susan rescuing the then nine-year-old Diamond for her daughter

from an unpleasant ‘sitter’ situation. During a change of residence Susan’s daughter had placed Diamond with a ‘sitter’ that turned out to be not-so-pleasant.

A purebred English Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Diamond was a true jewel when Susan rescued

her and took her GrandDog in for what was supposed to be a temporary house guest situation. Grandma Susan swore that she would never have another dog only to have her .

heart ripped out when they die, but when GrandDog Diamond was in danger of being harmed, that all changed. As time went by and Diamond became a permanent resident at Grandma Susan’s home, the strength of their relationship was tested at times, but that’s how Diamond and Grandma Susan became besties forever.

“Diamond changed my life for the better and definitely made it more fun. At the time, rescuing her was the right thing to do and I never looked back. And it was the best thing to do for not only Diamond, but also for me. She is the inspiration and the motivation that drove the words in this book,” said Susan Hoffman.

DIAMOND IS A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple Books. For more information, visit www.susanhoffmanauthor.com

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