A Dedicated Online Piracy Protection Service For Forex Vendors Has Launched

Trader Guard, a new business providing comprehensive, customizable and specialized anti-piracy solutions for the forex and trading community, including free consultations and ROI-focused copyright blackspot links and direct site removal services has been created.

A new business named Trader Guard, providing robust, customizable and specialized anti-piracy solutions for the trading and forex industry, including effective and ROI-focused product or sales leakage protection, has recently been launched.

More information is available at http://www.traderguard.com.

Trader Guard is a newly founded company providing a wide range of effective and comprehensive online piracy protection services tailored to deliver creative and ROI-focused solutions for the specific types of online piracy faced by the trading and forex community.

The Trader Guard programs include unlimited piracy protection coverage for any number or type of specific online threats and infringements faced by trading and forex businesses, including ROI-focused copyright blackspot link and direct site removal services to prevent sales or product leakage online and add to the customers’ bottom line.

Extensive online protection and coverage, including search engines, p2p, cyberlockers, warez sites, forums, blog auctions, social media, and more, is provided to ensure any piracy risk and free unlawful sharing or hosting of trading software and products online are tackled effectively.

Expert and dedicated case managers trained to ensure an accurate protection and customized approach for any specific product or customer needs and circumstances along with 24/7 support and detailed analytics or business intelligence reports to ensure clients are able monitor and track the results are also included.

Free consultations with a business status evaluation and detailed step-by-step action plans outlining the methods and solutions available to help tackle different customer needs or circumstances can be requested online at the link provided above.

More on the effectiveness and popularity of the Trader Guard programs, including some of the current industry leading Trader Guard clients and partners or multiple client testimonials along with data on the Trader Guard blackspot link or infringements removal rate are also available on the company’s website.

The company explains that “we have been battling online piracy as well as providing other digital rights management services since 2009 and Trader Guard was born out of the frustrations shared by many of our trading & forex clients looking for a specific anti-piracy program which directly addresses the needs of the industry”.

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