A Dedicated Anti-Piracy Service For The eLearning Industry Has Launched

A new anti-piracy service created specifically to prevent piracy of eLearning and information products has been launched contactable at +1 315 636 5291. The Marketers Copyright Circle takes down illegal free downloads and listings on fraudulent online product shop fronts.

A new bespoke anti-piracy service, The Marketer’s Copyright Circle, has launched geared to the info product and eLearning sector. The new service has been created by Takedown Czar, a piracy protection agency with a strong track record of developing dedicated anti-piracy solutions designed to address the specific challenges faced by individual industries. Their new program protects the products and brands of information marketers with a highly skilled team of online investigators using cutting edge methods to take down illegal free downloads and deeply discounted products from fraudulent “eLearning shop fronts”.

More information can be found on the Takedown Czar website at: https://www.dmcatakedownczar.com.

The eLearning and information product industry has suffered significant sales leakage in recent years from fraudulent vendors selling eLearning courses and information products at significant discounts over the regular price at the product’s official website.

These vendors are operating without the product owners’ consent and their websites are often hosted in countries with little or no copyright legislation to support the claims of the legitimate copyright holders.

The Marketer’s Copyright Circle aims to address these issues head on.

Instead of just removing infringements from the search engines as other companies do, the new service removes product listings directly from the infringing websites.

This process has proven to be highly effective with The Marketer’s Copyright Circle removing 97% of all infringing reseller links during their beta testing phase.

They are proud that this new service helps protect the time and effort legitimate information product and eLearning vendors have put into creating their products and ensures the only place their products are available is their official sales page.

The service is already used by dozens of large eLearning publishers, celebrated copyrighters and established online marketers. These companies have invested countless hours cultivating their online brand and put their faith in Takedown Czar to protect and safeguard their hard work. The service offers complete customization to ensure the individual needs of every eLearning and information product vendor are met. Takedown Czar can be contacted via their website https://dmcatakedownczar.com or their customer service line: +1 315 636 5291.

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