A Criminal Justice Attorney in Budapest Speaks Out: Clients Are Often Misled.

According to a well known criminal justice attorney in Budapest (Hungary) a lot of clients seeking legal help are misled by attorneys and end up paying higher than necessary fees.

According to a well known criminal justice attorney in Budapest (Hungary) a lot of clients seeking legal help are misled by not so well-meaning lawyers and as a result end up paying higher than necessary fees.

It can be a particularly stressful experience if someone is accused of criminal charges. If an average person finds himself in a situation like this the reaction is often extreme stress or even panic. These heightened psychological states of mind make the person very susceptible to influence and persuasion.

“Unfortunately many defense lawyers take advantage of this situation by giving dishonest advice to their clients.’ says J. Skapinyecz senior partner at Skapinyecz és Társa Ügyvédi Iroda, a Budapest-based criminal justice attorney firm.

‘One typical situation is when someone is accused of driving-under-the-influence. When the panicked client calls the lawyer he is told that the case requires a specialist in DUI cases. The client is then informed that he is in luck because he contacted one of the very few real experts in the subject matter but of course the special know-how is only available at a premium price”.

According to the expert in almost every case like this the client is willing to pay the extra price without a second thought because the high stress level begs for a quick-fix.

It is a very unethical practice because while it’s true that special knowledge of a specific sub-domain within criminal law can clearly provide benefits to the client, selling it to a client by falsely claiming unique expertise is very “misleading and highly unethical”.

But it is not the only trick that criminal justice attorneys in Budapest and elsewhere in Hungary use to gain unfair advantages. One often used method by defense lawyers is when they ask the client where the case happened. On many occasions irrespective of the answer the attorney says that “oh what a lucky coincidence, I happen to be on good terms with the prosecutor of XYZ region, we play tennis together every Friday.”

Imagine a person freshly accused of a crime hearing that the lawyer he contacted is friends with the prosecutor. He will pay no matter what fee the attorney demands so that he can be ‘on the safe side’.

A word of advice. Prior to mandating a criminal justice attorney it is always worth checking online reviews as they speak clearly of the former clients’ honest opinions.

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