A Breakthrough in College Construction and Design: MSU’s New Music Building

Mac’s Construction Company, Inc. from Hattiesburg. Since 1970, James McMahon Sr. has been involved in several higher education building construction projects, which has brought them a unique process and understanding that will allow Mac’s to bring the Music Building project in the fall of 2021.

Mac’s has taken under a project that is expected to make of the MSU’s music department the leading one of its kind in the entire region, the innovative Music Building, for which we have just broke ground in Starkville, MS.

The Music Building by the Mississippi State University is a new building project that has impacted the college construction, design and planning sphere in the region because it will feature a state-of-the-art structure built on 37,000 square foot, which will host:

Professional soundproof practice rooms

Fully-equipped recording studio

Modern classrooms

Faculty offices

Choral rehearsal hall

Lecture and recital hall

Student lounge

Administrative suite

The Music Building will bring the students a modern and fully-equipped facility where to cultivate and express their arts – opportunities that they haven’t had before.

The groundbreaking took place on June 15, 2020 and the facility is expected to be finished and delivered in the fall of 2021.

An Innovation in Higher Education Construction to Bring New Opportunities to the Arts at MSU

As stated by Barry Kopetz, the music professor and department head: “There’s no better way to welcome people to the campus than through the arts,”.

It will serve as a “welcome mat” as well as an incubator for new talents because they will have the most advanced tech inside an ideal facility to nurture and improve their art.

A College Construction Created to Recruit Top Talent

Mac’s is proud to be pushing the company into new challenges with bigger and more daring projects – and the Music Building for the MSU is the perfect example. Demanding but with a great future, and the team at Mac’s is totally capable of doing it and is expected to deliver it in the fall of 2021, ready for the MSU alumni and friends.

It is our joy to know that our experience, resources and talented team will help an icon of higher education in Mississippi to become the top recruiter for music and art talent in the region. Hence, we are proud to see that we are contributing to a total revolution in the education scene in the region.

Exactly What the Music Programs at MSU Required to Thrive

Barry Kopetz also commented that this new facility will bring the current music programs the necessary resources, space and infrastructure to grow and improve.

Thanks to the Music Building, the choral programs will have their own space in the new choir wing. They will finally be able to vacate the Band Hall and bring the over 400 members of the Famous Maroon Band their own space to further grow and improve as well.

Tim Muzzi, MSU director of planning design and construction, says that the Music Building has been a longtime goal, and that it’s finally becoming a reality, to make it possible to host the music department and the band program under one roof.

A New Building Project to Do Things that Were Previously Impossible

As expressed by Kopetz, everyone is absolutely ecstatic about the Music Building – as it will make possible the previously impossible. Now the MSU’s Department of Music will be able to host events and conferences in a modern and optimal environment.

Planning Design and Construction to Become Mississippi’s Leading Music Department

As stated by professor Kopetz, more students than ever graduated last year from MSU’s Department of Music – and the goal is to become the number one choice for students in Mississippi and the southern region.

The Music Building will be the cornerstone of this strategy – to position MSU’S Department of Music as the most equipped and with the best infrastructure and design in the entire region. Therefore, bringing aspiring students exactly what they need to advance their art careers.

As expressed by Trish Cunetto, the director of development for the College of Education, the Music Building will become the top recruitment tool to attract top music and art talents to the MSU – because there will not be a similar facility in the entire region that offers them an optimal environment created for learning, teaching and practicing at elite level.

An Innovative Building Project Handled by Experts on Construction Projects and Design Planning

Such an important and innovative project had to be managed by experts on construction projects and design planning, in order to meet the standards and expectations of the new Music Building.

A Team to Bring the Dream into Fruition

Mac’s is a third-generation family owned business, working to grow and build off the strong foundation set by James McMahon Sr. The roots of Mac’s are based on family. At a time, the majority of Mac’s employees were actual members of the McMahon family and as we grew, the employees that were hired become family, The Mac’s Family.

The core values that Mac’s lives off is hard work and treating people right. We believe that by living these values, God has blessed this business and has brought us this excellent opportunity to contribute to the improvement of education in Mississippi by bringing the dream into fruition… by making the Music Building a reality.

A Contractor Specialized in College Construction Projects

The general contractor for the facility is Mac’s Construction Company, Inc. from Hattiesburg. Since 1970, James McMahon Sr. has been involved in several higher education building construction projects, which has brought them a unique process and understanding that will allow Mac’s to bring the Music Building project to fruition in the fall of 2021.

A College Construction Dream that Will Become True in 2021

The Music Building is already in the making and it is keeping everyone at the MSU ecstatic – because it is the key to open the doors to never-seen-before opportunities that will make of the MSU’s Music Department the best of its kind in Mississippi and the southern region.

Now in the hands of the best professionals to bring the dream into fruition, it will be ready in the fall of 2021.

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