98thPercentile proudly announces winners of SMART – Math and Reasoning Olympiad

98th Percentile, a fast-growing online learning platform, hosted an exciting virtual math Olympiad for students in grades 1-6, now announces its winners and awards them with exciting gifts and scholarships upto $1000.


On December 29 and 30, 2020, over 500 students came together to participate in a first of its kind virtual math Olympiad hosted by the fast-growing e-learning company, 98thPercentile. The competition was fierce, and students from grades 1-6 competed in three different divisions to vie for the coveted prizes of gift cards, scholarships and of course, bragging rights!

The Olympiad, called 98thPercentile SMART (School Math Aptitude and Reasoning Test),was a school math and reasoning test that challenged students on mathematical reasoning skills and data interpretation. Participants of SMART received the benefit of seeing potential questions for more than 20 national exams, enhanced their critical thinking skills, portrayed their competitive spirit and nine winners received individual recognition for their accomplishments!

The competition consisted of questions from 3-4 categories depending on division. The categories were verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, quantitative aptitude and data interpretation (for grades 3-6). Using the widely loved game-based learning platform Kahoot, contenders were asked increasingly difficult questions from within each category while they tried to think, solve and answer as quickly as they can. The top 3 winners from each division earned Amazon gift cards plus scholarships to math, ELA or coding classes at 98th Percentile, and a full digital press release!

And now, the winners!

For the grades 1 & 2 division, Neil K. came in 3rd place, Chakresh V. came in 2nd place and Riyanshi K. came in 1st place! Students were interviewed about their experience and expressed how much fun they had, and how proud they are of themselves for being declared champions.Have a look on their detailed INTERVIEWS

For the grades 3 & 4 division, Avantika G. came in 3rd place, Ananya M. came in 2nd place and Sophie came in 1st Place! When interviewed about their experiences, they unanimously expressed how challenging the questions were, and that being able to be a winner despite that was exhilarating.

For the grades 5 & 6 division, Arnav G. came in 3rd place, Aryan A. came in 2nd place and Eesha V. came in 1st place! These winners faced some seriously complex math and reasoning problems, and their accomplishment is very well-earned.

While the above nine contestants earned their gift cards and scholarships, every single contestant left the competition with a participation certificate and countless intangible benefits. Not only were they exposed to a variety of probable test questions from national tests, but they also practiced their logical decision-making processes to answer tough questions in a competitive environment. Following the competition, students received an in-depth analysis of specific math areas requiring additional instruction and practice which is incredibly useful for improvement! Overall, 98th Percentile SMART was a highly successful competition and will be followed by an upcoming COMIX event-Tell a Tale with comic strips.To know more CLICK HERE

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