98thPercentile proudly announces champions of CAT -Coding Aptitide Test

98thPercentile, a fast-growing online learning platform, hosted an exciting virtual CAT-Coding Aptitude Test for students in grades 1-6, now announces its winners and awards them with exciting gifts and scholarships.

Coding is the language of the future. It is fun, collaborative, and creative.

And by calling all coders and non-coders 98thPercentile has enriched hundreds of students who participated in a coding challenge called CAT, Coding Aptitude Tournament organized by 98thPercentile. The coding contest was held on February 13 and 14, 2021 for grades 1-6.

CAT was a virtual tournament organized for children to challenge their digital skills and make them curious about the constant advancements and technologies in computer science. CAT tested student’s critical thinking, logical, and reasoning skills. The contest was executed via Kahoot. A mock session took place on the day of the contest to help students understand the actual contest. Students had two devices for the competition for this contest: a laptop or computer, plus a tablet or smartphone.

There were four rounds for each category and each round consisted of five questions. The content of the questions was not completely centered around specific code, rather more about the methodology behind coding. Students faced block games, computer puzzles based on sequences, mathematical operations, STEM-related content, and other digital literacy problems as they navigated their way through this first-of-its-kind competition.

Following the coding competition, winners were interviewed by the 98thPercentile PR team and interviews were published across various channels associated with the 98thPercentile. Apart from the interviews students who participated in CAT received booklets with tips and tricks for success, sample competition questions, and blogs with loads of valuable information about coding and technology.

And now let’s look at the WINNERS of an online coding competition.

For the Grades 1 &2 division, Triaksha bagged 3rd Rank, Ananya got 2nd and Riyanshi won the Winners Title! Students were interviewed about their experience and expressed how much fun they had, and how proud they are of themselves for being declared the winners.

For the Grades 3 &4 division, Aizah bagged 3rd Rank, Arjun Sripal got 2nd and Shlok won the Winners Title! When asked about their experiences, they all agreed that the questions were difficult and that being able to win despite that was thrilling.

For the Grades 5 &6 division, Chakresh bagged 3rd Rank, Tishya got 2nd and Arnav won the Winners TitleI! These winners faced some severely complex coding questions and their accomplishment is very well-earned.

Being a competitor of CAT, helped students open up to the wonderful world of computer programming. Experts predict that 7 out of 10 jobs will be related to technology within the next two decades, so it was vital to expose these children too as much technology as we can to prepare for future success! Learning the language of code helped children become familiar with computer-related programs and operations and lighted a fire in students as to what creative opportunities are possible with code! Overall, 98th Percentile CAT was a highly successful competition and will be followed by an upcoming COMIX event-Tell a Tale with comic strips

98thPercentile is a rapidly expanding e-learning organization dedicated to providing students with supplemental Math, English, Coding, and Public Speaking courses. Students will get the supplementary training they need to improve their knowledge and skills in these subjects by taking live lessons at suitable times. Small class sizes (no more than 4 students per class) enable teachers to concentrate on each student, and classes are delivered live online by a highly qualified credentialed instructor.

Each lesson is expertly designed to promote ability retention, and the program is based on national Common Core principles. Students can interact with their instructor from almost anywhere with an internet connection. Thanks to the program’s innovative combination of online learning experiences and conventional live classroom instruction. Visit our page to know about their upcoming contest!

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