98thPercentile launches Revision Marathon to beat the Exam fever for grades 1-6

This spring, 98th Percentile, an e-learning company is hosting a Math Revision Marathon; to help students prepare for their upcoming exams. It will be a weekly event, in which students can participate without any cost. The major revision will be completed in 4-5 weeks.

5th April 2021, Dalas,

Students are experiencing sleepless nights due to upcoming exams. 98th Percentile, which is an online e-learning company, is coming up with a Math Revision Marathon for grades 1-6. You can register your children without any fees for the event and they will get to revise the yearlong concepts learned in Math; with lifelong benefits in only five weeks! They have created dynamic and energizing Math enrichment Revision sessions to equip students with all the skills they need to thrive in their upcoming exams! Register your child today to not miss out on an opportunity to make your children excel in Math skills and have fun doing so. Registration will remain open for the entire duration of the event because they want students to be able to participate regardless of missing the beginning sessions.

Throughout this 5 week event, children will learn how to approach Math revision in a new way that makes the whole process less stressful and even enjoyable. 98th Percentile has a team of Math Enthusiasts who will help the students to form a better relationship with Math, providing them with support and encouragement. This event will be held every week, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, starting from April 9 till May 9. You can check the exact schedule for each grade. To know more, click here. After every session, students will be provided with practice worksheets as well. The best part is that even if a student is already doing well in their course, this Maths Revision Marathon will help them take their Math skills to another level!

As you know that one of the responsibilities of an effective teaching session is for the educator to build a classroom that engages the student and challenges them, their Math Marathon team are seasoned teachers that are passionate about the content of the classes and care about their students. They have organized the lessons that make students eager to participate and interested in the curriculum. You can also check out the programs offered by them on https://www.98thpercentile.com/


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