85 Tips for a Winning Website: CX Day Free Report from Frank Reactions

"85 Tips for a Winning Website" is a free report released today by Frank Reactions in honor of Customer Experience Day 2016. It helps businesses convert more website visitors to buyers. Download the report at no cost at http://frankreactions.com/85tips .

October 5 is global Customer Experience Day, and internet marketing pioneer, Tema Frank, author of “PeopleShock: The Path to Profits When Customers Rule” is frustrated that so many companies still don’t get the importance of good website experiences to their bottom line. So she’s offering her free report, “85 Tips for a Winning Website”, to all who want to convert more website visitors into buyers.

The report was written with a specific focus on business owners (though it applies to non-profits too) since Frank, who has worked in website customer experience since 2001, sees that “People start online if they are thinking of buying something. But far too often, companies waste the money they’ve spent on web design, advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) because once prospects reach their site they can’t find what they need. Or the site is too difficult to use. This report uses real examples to show 85 common website mistakes and how you can avoid them.”

Often such problems happen because it is too difficult for company owners, staff or web designers to realize how things will be interpreted by people who don’t know the company as well as they do. “You may think it is obvious what you do or where to click, but it usually isn’t,” says Frank.

When asked about why her company released the report at this time, Tema (rhymes with Emma) Frank, who is the Chief Instigator at marketing strategy consultancy Frank Reactions, and host of the Frank Reactions Podcast on Customer Experience, said: “It’s hard to believe that there are still so many companies losing business because of simple website design mistakes. Customer Experience Day 2016 seemed like the perfect day to reach out and help organizations improve their websites so they’ll be more successful.”

Interested parties can find the report ready to download, for free, at http://frankreactions.com/85tips.

Frank Reactions grew out of Web Mystery Shoppers International, which Frank founded in 2001. It was the world’s first company to do omnichannel customer experience testing. Frank is well-known for being at the leading edge of customer experience and user experience improvement strategies. She consults, speaks and teaches internationally, and has advised clients such as Bank of America, Expedia, the Government of Alberta, and many others.

The report aims to solve the frustrations ineffective websites cause for potential customers and for business owners. It gives valuable information to the reader that will benefit them by helping them avoid the little mistakes that can kill their website’s effectiveness. Having put up her own first website in 1995, Frank brings over 20 years experience to the insights and examples provided in the report.

More information on Frank Reactions can be found at http://frankreactions.com.

The report “85 Tips for a Winning Website” can be downloaded at http://frankreactions.com/85tips

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