7Mavericks Website Powers its Way into Product Reviews

7Mavericks product comparison and pricing website aims to remove the frustration of information overload to help buyers decide which brand of popular products to purchase.

It’s possible to purchase just about anything online, but many prospective buyers still hesitate when it comes to certain products. The obstacle isn’t necessarily price. It’s the lack of straightforward information about what it is they’re actually getting for their money.

Product review sites tend to be so comprehensive that information overload sets in and buyers end up with more questions than assistance with making a purchase decision. 7Mavericks aims to cut through information overload by determining the top 2 elements of each type of product. These elements are displayed in a simple grid, allowing viewers to follow links for pricing.

7Mavericks was born when its publisher was in the market for a new weed trimmer. “We couldn’t decide between all of the available choices online,” explains founder Steve Melberg. “Comparing a variety of websites didn’t help, as each told a conflicting story.

We thought, wouldn’t it be great if there was one place to go to find the top products for 2017 we should compare, with a rating for each product, key information and a link to purchase the one we decided upon?”

The result is the 7Mavericks website. Melberg describes it as a “One -stop-spot to research the best products, updated yearly with the most current information, so people can easily compare and contrast to make a decision about which one is the right choice.”

Expansion plans for the website are underway. “We’ve started with products we’ve recently shopped for,” Melberg says. “Or helped friends shop for. We’ll be adding more on frequent basis as well.”

For example, the 7Mavericks Best Coffee Maker Machines of 2017 guide quickly informs that water temperature and the cost of fresh-ground coffee vs pods are important considerations when making a choice. However, the two top comparison elements are the length of the coffee maker’s warranty, and how many cups of coffee it makes.

7Mavericks currently offers product reviews for these popular product lines:

Cordless Weed Trimmers – Learn why balance and control dictates the best choice.

Inverter Generators – Learn the difference between an inverter and a generator, and why it’s important to find something that does both.

Coffee Maker Machines – Discover how to get coffee shop quality at bargain prices.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Find out what’s important to measure and what to look for to make it work with mobile devices.

Smart Thermostats – Learn what to know about using this new technology with older furnaces and air conditioners.

Fitness/Activity Trackers – Discover the most important thing to know about fitness activities before choosing a tracker.

Vacuum Cleaners – Find out the trade-off between canister and upright models.

Each group of reviews starts with a general overview written from a conversational standpoint—rather than dry technical data—and providing shoppers with one or more key tips on what sets top selling brands apart from the competition in the category. The actual product descriptions in each category are refreshingly brief, but not at the cost being informative.

Links within each 7Mavericks comparison table take shoppers directly to an Amazon price check. The link in each product description takes shoppers directly to the Amazon sales page.

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